Hello from Warrior, Alabama!

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    I've started preparing for when TSHTF, or TEOTWAWKI which I hope never happens.

    First, I looked around at where I (we) live. I think we are ok. We live at the end of a dead end, private road. There are only 3 other houses on this street, and we are friends with them all. One is married with teenage children. They are avid hunters and fishers, and have lots of camping supplies all the time. Winter "blackouts" don't even slow them down. The second neighbor is actually 2 generations in one home. While not avid hunters or fishers, they garden every year. They also have a "whole house" generator. Their political views, and their outlook for the future is the same as ours.

    The street which gets us to ours is a mile long from the interstate exit, and has several curves and turns along the way and narrow spots where a rockslide (built into the side of a small mountair) would be all it took to make the road "go away" in a worst case scenario.

    Behind us, is a huge tract of Alabama Power owned land. We will not be getting neighbors, or running out of deer to hunt, for a very long time.

    As to food storage, I've started stocking up on meals for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I suppose I've got about 2 weeks worth now if everyone I hope to come here does.

    I may not know what tomorrow holds- but I know Who holds me!!!! i also know that even joseph had to actually store the wheat God used to feed everybody!!!

    Glad to be here,
    Kathy in Warrior, Al
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    Welcome KathyMoon, from a long time preparer. Look forward to your input and posts.
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    Welcome to Prepared society!
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    Hello :wave:
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    Welcome to the boards Kathy, I like your intro and look forward to the input you have to offer.
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    Hi Kathy. Welcome. There has to be an interesting history for and area named Warrior. Do tell!