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    Hey folks! My name is Dave.

    I gave up on homestead forums (& internet) 12 1/2 years when we made our move to the woods. Very few genuine experienced back to basics people on those old forums....... Now with my first internet connection in 10 years, I've stumbled across your forum and it is very obvious that things have changed. From key words I've picked out searching your threads I know for certain there are a whole lot of people on here who really have "been there and done that". I feel extremely comfortable already. Thank you!

    Wife and I homestead in NE WA State on 20 acres (about 1/2 useable). With a mix of new and mostly old technology we are extremely comfortable. Primary energy source here is wood with the exceptions being a propane fridge and two small panels and batteries for light at night, laptop etc. We've been off grid for all those years and don't miss it. We built (still building......) a 16X24 cabin ourselves, wife does the garden and most of the household stuff and I do the rest and brew all our beer.

    I am definitely looking for support here as our place is in an area which is slowly transitioning from general public use back to private ownership. There are no permanent residents within 5 miles of us, only seasonal wealthy recreation folks and they don't like us here. Attitudes range from unfriendly to arrogant to downright filthy and nasty.

    Bottom line is I have no one to relate to here. My family is mostly gone and wifes' family (and our kids) think we're stupid. A couple of kickers that probably hurt as well: we're pretty poor and don't have fancy stuff and we are 50+ and look like hated retirees living off the Gov (we aint! and never will).

    Hoping my "live simple" mindset gets me further on this forum than it has elsewhere on the net since I've been back online and I can learn and share.........................Dave
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    Welcome Dave!!

    We have a couple of members from your neck of the woods (Northern Washington), and, if I was to guess, you are just on the south-side of the border from the area I grew up in.

    You are right, we have some great members who are living grid-free, some partially tied to the grid and others (like myself) are trying to take off the shackles of the grid. I am getting closer each day to becomming grid-free and also learning as much as I can from those who already are.

    Your "live simple" mindset is very welcome as well!

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    WELCOME,:welcome: Rugged1 from a long time preparer and fellow off-gridder. Look forward to your replies and posts.
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    Hello and welcome! :wave:

    Come on in Dave!!
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    I used to live in keyport Wa. not quite where you are but still beautiful. Spent a lot of time on the islands before all the Micro Soft money moved every one out. Welcome from VA.
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    :welcome: Share what you know. Ask what you don't. :wave:

    Just to make you feel a little more at home, our newest vehicle is a 1994. Our house is quite old and looks it. I has a faded red metal standing-seam barn roof that is still more than functional. Asbestos siding with broken pieces around the windows we've replaced so far and a spring that runs through the cellar during rainstorms. There are people that immediatly get "that look" when we tell them were we live. You know what? DON'T CARE!
    We live the way we want and it's not their concern that we don't have every one of the newest and shiniest gadgets being shoved down our throat by advertisers. Just like you, we have a "live simple" mindset and are not the least bit ashamed of it. :congrat:
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    Welcome! We're practically neighbors, since we live in NW Montana...not much of a hop over to NE WA. We live off grid in a 16' by 32' cabin, our newest vehicle is a '96, we don't have a well and have to haul water, but have rainwater collection for the garden. Except that our neighborhood is full of financially challenged people like ourselves, it sounds like we have a lot in common with you.

    I feel like I've expanded my family just being part of this forum. Great place, great people.
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    :welcome: Hello! Glad to meet ya! My Dads family is from that area. Remember being there when I was a kid. That was along time ago:sssh:
    I gave up on what people think awhile back. Be yourself and live each day to the fullest.:)
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    Welcome back at ya.......:wave: