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    I am not too familiar with these type of websites and I am trying to give an introduction to myself. Goodness knows if I am in the right place! So If this message ends up in a discussion on food storage or whatever please forgive me.
    I live in a small place called Tolmie which is in Victoria, Australia.
    We have seventeen acres, a post and beam mud brick house (warm in winter and cool in summer) a large kitchen garden, an orchard with lots of old fashioned apples with wonderful names such as Peasgood Nonsuch and Striped Beefing. Two years ago a huge bushfire came within 2Kms of us and we were ringed with fire and red skies and smoke. Very scary stuff. We have been putting together our self sufficiency plans now for almost thirty years. They included the type of house we have built, water storage and emergency food storage. Would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have
    Kindest Regards to all
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    You are in the right section to introduce yourself .. I would love to see some pictures of your place - sounds nice!

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    Welcome! Enjoy the forum and please post some pics. Your place sounds great.
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    welcome, another aussie, your set up sounds really good, we are doing similar but live in a large shed, in Noosa. Sounds like you were lucky enough to miss the recent bushfires, that was very tragic. anyway enjoy the site.
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    Welcome aboard, mate!