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A couple of months ago I read a book that upset my carefully laid retirement plans. One Second After, by WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN is a novel about life after an EMP attack. Shortly thereafter I found Patriots by James Wesley Rawles.

In the weeks since I have done a lot of search, reading, & planning.

I have concluded that I am too old to go set up a remote retreat in Idaho, so I will do everything I can to survive & protect my loved ones here in the suburbs.

I have ordered a non-hybrid seed package, transferred some assets to tangibles, purchased my first defensive firearm & ammo, & starting educating my better half & kids to what we will need to do before the SHTF.

I am planning to construct a big yard barn that will house fuel, a low speed diesel generator, storage batteries, inverters, & garden tools. The water table is high here so I can drive a drill point well. I will be using kerosene for cooking, portable lighting, & heat. I plan to buy at least a year's long term food supply, & store it in the house.

We have about a half acre of lawn that can be converted to garden, & I have a nearby farmer that will do an initial tilling with his tractor.

We live in an out of the way development 8 miles north of downtown, with several cops as neighbors.

I am still a long way from having all the answers, but I am resolved to no go quietly into the night.

Sorry for the ramble,

performing monkey
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welcome to the forum, CaptnAndy :)

sounds like you're preparing to 'dig in' as opposed to 'bug out'... both are viable strategies

feel free to ask any questions you have OR answer any you see posted that you have an answer for ;)
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