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Hello from Southern Indiana

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Hello everyone. I thought i had joined/posted here before but I guess it was just my Alzheimers LOL. Anyway Just wanted to say hello, I'll set up my profile asap. For now I am 49 live in Evansville Indiana. rive a truck locally for a living. Ex-army 18 years. Been into self reliance/sufficency all my life (grew up in the country and miss it) looking to meet a few friends, share some knowledge, and enjoy visiting. Well that's about it for now will post more soon.
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WELCOME, :welcome:eek:ldsoldier from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
:welcome: Share what you know, Ask what you don't. :wave:
Hello & Welcome! :wave:

self reliance/sufficency ... :2thumb:
Hello and welcome!
Welcome from a fellow Hoosier driver (suicide jockey=fuel hauler)
Welcome from a fellow Hoosier driver (suicide jockey=fuel hauler)
Better you than me LOL. the most dangerous stuff I haul is stale bread LOL ( I drive a 18 wheeler for lewis bakery)
Hello and Welcome

Former Hoosier, born in Sullivan Co. Left at 18 and only go back to visit family.
Would go back but kids raised here, they think its home(WV)
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