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Hello from Ontario Canada

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Not seen anyone specifically say they are from Ontario on here (could have just missed as I was doing quick glances)

We are TRYING to get our community (we live in a Coop housing complex) to do some emergency preparedness activities, thus far rather slow going ....
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Welcome to the forums.......:wave::wave::wave: (I have a Herd of Geese and they live in Coop-housing also.......:D)
:welcome: Share what you know. Ask what you don't. :wave:

Don't give up TRYING. For nearly 3 years I've been trying to get some of my "friends" to open their eyes to the potential troubles that lay ahead and have had minimal success. Even 1 convert brings with it a sense of accomplishment. Good luck in your endeavor. :)
WELCOME, :welcome:Foreverlearning from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
Yup - we have several members from the Ontario region and Quebec here on the board. You might want to do some "stealth" emergency-prep stuff where you put up information from the web onto the community info-board. Whenever possible, include the link to the information and if possible, direct them to government websites about emergency preparations.

A couple of documents that I put together you can print in color or B&W and put up onto your board.

.. and of course, there are many more threads with articles and how-to's that you can take and create your own .pdf documents for sharing.
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Welcome! What have you tried so far?
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