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    I am 40 years old & married w/ 3 stepsons. I was raised fishing hunting &camping. most importantly I was raised in the boy scouts of america from cub scout to explorer scout( I say most important because of the man I have still been able to become despite many foolish paths in the past).:congrat::congrat: we presently own a home that we are trying to fix and sell at a profit, not sure thats possible now but must try. And then as fast as possible buy 10 to 20 acres next to a wildlife managment build a rammed earth home, green house and garden sell the house in babalon and assecorise the retreat (solar, livestock, equipment & tools.) then its time to bugout. Iv'e worked as a welder/fabricator for 20 years and hope to learn blacksmithing, we also are learning organic gardening. love this sight it has givin me insight to subjects I want to learn as well as skills I previously hadnt considered!:D Are there other sites of shared information like this? I already look at survivalblog.com,but its more good info that scares me instead of preparing me:eek:
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    Welcome! I agree some of the other prep sites get a little over zealous.

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    WELCOME, :welcome:iron-bear38 from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
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    Hello & Welcome! :wave:
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Welcome from another metal-guy. Designing, fabricating, welding, forging ..

    I hope that this site helps you figure out what you want to do and how to do it as far as your preparations go for whatever you feel you need to prepare for. Weather, financial-meltdown, terrorist, war ...

    Personally - I am preparing for mother nature's worst ..