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    I'm currently living in OH, but plan to relo back to MO soon. I recently started researching preparedness / survival and found this site. Given the current economic and social / political trends, my wife and I have decided that once we get back to MO that we would like to set ourselves up to be more self sufficient.

    Our goal is to establish a household that could survive "off the net" (power, water, etc). Browsing over the site it looks like there is a lot of good info here. In addition to the info here are there any good books or other resources anyone could recommend on the subject, to get a newbie started?

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    welcome to the forum, Plas :congrat:

    there are already TONS of topics here to help get you started, and room for tons more

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    Welcome aboard, there are lots of us Ohioians here. Our state is in worse shape so we are learning to survive faster than the others. Look at all of the topics here and you could probably google a good book on the topic. I got my start as a kid with Boy Scout Manuals. The Fox Fire Series is interesting and if you live anywhere near Lodi, Oh. The Log Cabin Store is loaded with materials for living off the grid. I would also recomend Lehman Hardware in Kidron, Oh or just hanging out with the Amish and the Blob:beercheer::D:eek::ignore: in the Holmes County area.
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    Welcome, another Ohioian here. What part of MO? I have a buddy in Springfield.
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    Welcome to the board Plas! Well, I also recommend the Foxfire books, they are a great resource to read. There is a fiction book I was reading which is free PDF file on the internet called Lights Out. It is about an EMP burst and how people end up surviving, learning as each day goes by without no power for months on end. Your vehicles are not working either. Even though it is a ficition story it is an eye opener. Here is the link for those interested:

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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy and post some stuff.