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Hello! I am new here, although I have been visiting the site and reading up for the past few weeks. I am a homeschooling mother of 3 who is focusing my ADHD on teaching my girls the sweet taste of self sufficiency. I'm not only prepping for WTSHTF but I love teaching this lifestyle to my children. We have 4 acres out in the country and I am ready to tear it up! I am skilled at gardening, sewing, making other peoples trash look pretty again (yeah, I'm the girl picking up your junk on the side of the road.)and alot of old timer crap I picked up growing up on the farm. My husband has alot of knowledge and his super handy and between us we can build/make just about anything. I just have to research it, plant the seed that I want it done and then light the fire under his butt to get it started. I am interested in learning more about alternative backup power and water storage.
Can't wait to get learning!
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