Hello from middle Georgia,USA

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  1. Hoggrydr11

    Hoggrydr11 Hoggrydr11

    Hello to you all from middle GA, Just droppin in from time to time while the power still works, bless you all and stay ready
  2. Canadian

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    Thanks. Welcome and enjoy the forum!

  3. UncleJoe

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    Wow. We're getting a rapid influx of new members lately.

  4. Expeditioner

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    Welcome. Where in middle Georgia? I have a place in Upton County.:wave:
  5. Von Helman

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    Hello and welcome, I’m new too

    I’ve been to central Georgia before, the wife and I took a road trip all through there and took many pictures. I visited Andersonville and talk about a sobering place to visit.

    One of my favorite small towns in Georgia was Sparta and it was just a cool old super small town

    Again welcome to the board!
  6. Hoggrydr11

    Hoggrydr11 Hoggrydr11

    Hi Von Helman, yes we've(wife and I) have been to Andersonville many times,we ride with a veterans group(motorcycles) and usually go out there twice a year. I'm a 20 year Air Force vet and my wife has family out in Sparta,there is some nice country and riding out that way. I grew up in Atlanta when it was a nice place to be from,went away for 20 years and came back...the only reason I have to go to Atl.is visit kin, times changed to much for my likin.The kids are grown and gone and the wife and I are on our on and enjoying retirement. Thanks, to you all.
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  7. Jason

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    Wecome to the group!