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    Hi all,
    I've been lurking on this site for several months now, and am now feeling bold enough to wade in. Our family began seriously prepping only a few months ago. We had done some minor preps before then (BOBs, extra supplies in car, etc) but our eyes have been opened to the fragile state of our economy and the world in general. Since we are new to this we began with the basics of acquiring supplies and now we are working on the how-to's (reading, starting a garden, learning to can and bake bread, etc.). There are days when I feel overwhelmed and not sure what to focus on, but I am trying to do some prepping every day. We've got 4 small kids to protect, and I am thankful that my hubby is completely on board with this also. My in-laws are also preppers and have a wonderful farm, but they are 4 hours away by car so we are prepping in place (although the ideal would be to get to the farm if the SHTF, but that is another conversation). I'm not sure how much I can contribute YET, but I am learning a great deal and am happy to find this site.
    MD from MD
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    Wade on in ... The water is fine ... :D


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    Welcome Md. I am orifinally from Md. Lived in Bethesda when I was born. Love it there- don't like the high cost of living and taxes there however, so am now in Tn.
    These folks have a huge well of information and ideas. Its an excellent place to learn how to begin serious preps. Welcome
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    Welcome, lots of good info here. Please share your knowledge with us.
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    Welcome to the forum :wave:
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    welcome aboard

    welcome from Baltimore.
    come in and get your feet wet.
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    Welcome aboard, MD. Lots of good folks and info here.
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us!

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    Hey MD.. if one of those MD's in your name indicated your profession, I'm married to the same . He was a surgeon turned ER Dr