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    A big hello to you gals and guys.

    I live in Galveston, TX. Immediate concerns for me are hurricanes, although I am very afraid of the dollar's collapse and what kind of mayhem I may face. I am new to the survivalist or preparedness mindset. I have recently been reading survivalblog and other forums. I must say that I am rather scared and am motivated.

    I want to learn how to get started and how to prioritize the things I must do. Some details about me and my current situation:

    I am a divorced father of one. I am very loyal to my son and he is a blessing in my life. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I have military experience-- 4 years as AF Security Police. Currently, I work for the fed as a civilian. It pays better than private industry (as most of you probably know). I live alone in a one bedroom apartment (no space for agriculture). I only own one firearm, a Beretta Storm in 9mm, and have about 100 rounds of ammunition. I used to have a few rifles, but I sold them to get the IRS off my back. I am very familiar with the AR platform of rifles, but most of the quality builds seem out of reach for me financially.

    I would like advice on how to begin prepping. What are my priorities? What do I need to secure first... Food, then firearms, then tangible barter items... I really need some input and advice. I want to live through what is coming and be a benefit to those who I cross paths.
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us. You've got the right order, Food first (including water), then the other stuff! It's a good place to start.


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    Welcome, please share your knowledge with us. Don't hesitate to ask questions, life is a learning experience.
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    Welcome, glad to see more people prepping.
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    First off, welcome to the forum. There is a LOT of good information on here and I am surprised by what knowledge these folks have.

    Secondly when it comes to preparing I think the first and foremost item of importance is spiritual preparedness. A firm foundation in Gods word and an understanding of the promises made within will give you something to hold on to when times get really rough. It sounds like you are at least on the right track in that regard and as such are already miles ahead of so many in this world. Never discount the importance of your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

    After a bit of prayer and supplication then it is time to start building up stores of items that will be useful in whatever situation you find yourself in. As Christians we should be independent of others while realizing our dependence on God. In this way we can provide for ourselves, our family and whoever else God leads us to provide for.

    Happy prepping! :wave:
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    Thank you for the warm welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums :wave: