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    Greetings from the eastern coastal area of North Carolina. I really like what I see in this social group. I have been involved in one aspect of another with preparedness, self sustainment and survival since my early teens. I gained much of my initial experiences from my grandfathers and as a Boy Scout with adult leaders that had real world experiences with survival and self preservation. My knowledge and experiences from reading those early editions of ASG and a Boy Scout Handbook have progressed due to the experiences as an emergency services provider, being deployed to third world countries as a wilderness/disaster medical provider as well involvement in Emergency Management over the past 27 years. I look forward to sharing as well learning new ideas from everyone and the networking aspect of the like-minded. Hoping this finds everyone well.

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    Welcome to the forum :wave:

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    Welcome from Raleigh NC. We are all learning together.

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    Welcome ditchdocdelta, hope to hear all about your experiences.
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    Welcome & Hello! :wave:

    Come on in ... :D
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    Boy Scouts

    I was a Boy Scout about 50 years ago. I earned a merit badge for first aid and advanced first aid. Our scout leader had a surgon come to our scout meetings and instruct us on how to do a Trachiotomy and how to reduce a compound fracture. I can still do one but I have to have a Boy Scout pocket knife , a fountian pen and the official scout Kerchif. I don't think they even allow parimedics to do those proceedures now.

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    Boy Scout

    I would up earning the award of Eagle Scout and my father and his involvement with the local emergency services as well a mother who is now a retired RN inspired me to become a paramedic. Just to let you now paramedics can do sugical airways, give first through forth line medications, initiate and mainatain blood products in some systems, use of nerve blockers for providing advanced wound care. Also we can seize control of a compromised airway with paralyzing medications and place an endotracheal tube. Paramedics are very advanced with little to no online medical direction and have far more autonomy than a nurse and if you find a good one they are creative thinkers in an uncontrolled environment, which is very different from the controlled area of medical facilities. We specialize in everything from child birth to geriatrics, car crashes to broken lashes and have changed with modern technology without losing touch with primitive medicine Not trying to take away anything from nursing, but I went to nursing school, did great but not my thing. I got into pre-hospital medicine to make a difference and not for the money. Thanks for the greeting and look forward to posting in the future.
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    Welcome! Seems like PS is getting more and more folks from NC, or at least more folks registering instead of lurking. Lots of great information here and knowledgeable folks to help if you have any questions.
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    Welcome Aboard! There are many more scouters here.:2thumb:
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    Good times, good times!

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