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    hi guys and gals, my name's John, i'm a single father of three, two teenagers and a 10 yr. old, work full time, am an air force veteran, boy scout, and a christian. I found this site the other night and have decided to become a part of the community, and thank all who have contributed to this forum. There's alot of great info that I believe will prove useful in times in the not too distant future. I believe we are in the end times, and that our govt. is facing colapse, and that our nation's future is in peril. I'm in the get ready, get prepared mode. While I hope that things won't come to the extremes such as in the movies "the road" and "book of eli"....I think that they could, and I aim to be as ready as I can to take care of my family and secure a future for them. Thanks guys, I hope I can be a positive contributer to this forum :)
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    Welcome to the forum. Good to see more people on the west coast.

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    Welcome John. :wave:
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    Welcome, learn, enjoy!
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    I was just looking at my books yesterday and the rough times and thinking about The Book of Eli. And here you are bringing it up :)

    Enjoy the forums!
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    Welcome, lots to learn :wave:
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    Welcome to the forum :wave: