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  1. GXLancer

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    Good afternoon ladies and gentleman,

    Just stumbled across this site while looking for "survival pages" I can checkout while at work. I first got introduced to this whole prepping/bug-out idea last summer while watching the Discovery Channel. Some dude was talking about the importance of a 72 bag incase of an emergency and I was like "damn, thats a good idea." So I made my bug-out bag and kept researching. Now im looking at the importance of prepping and how invaluable it will be when our system falls apart.
    Currently Im deployed in Afghanistan, which strangely enough, is alot safer than many other parts of the world atm lol. Are there any other military preppers out there? Ive found its not a good idea to talk about prepping or bugging out around other Marines cause they thing im crazy. Just glad I have found some like minded individuals who I can share my thoughts with. Thanks for excepting me!
  2. IrritatedWithUS

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    Thank you for serving and protecting your country! :usaflag:

  3. Salekdarling

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    Hello and welcome my friend! Thank you for serving our Country. :thankyou::usaflag: Coming from a former military family, its always exciting to talk to other folks in the military community. I hope you stay safe over there. Share what you know and if you have any questions, someone on the forum will probably have an answer.:D
  4. ajsmith

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    Welcome to the forum:wave:, Glad to have you here, Thanks for your service! If your ever in my part of the country it would be my honor to shake your hand and buy you a beer. :cool:
  5. goshengirl

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    Welcome and Thank You!!!:wave:
  6. sailaway

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    Welcome Aboard! and yes thank you for your service. I'm sure we would enjoy hearing your take on things being over there and experiencing the world the way you are.
  7. *Andi

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    Welcome & Hello! :wave:

  8. bjason79

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    Other Military

    Glad to hear there are other military like myself that are on this site. I found out a long time ago, not to discuss my ideas surviving and prepardeness with other military memebers. Well welcome and be safe
  9. MrSfstk8d

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    Prior Army myself. Got no guff against leather necks though, lol.

    I never really understood why SM would think it was goofy to prep. Our whole job is to do just that, train, train, train, have your equipment ready at the drop of a hat should the balloon go up, and, when needed, shoot, move, communicate.

    I was part of a DS unit for most of my time in, 3rd shop FSB. We drilled bug outs all the time. Sometimes we wouldn't even have camo up in the second site when we were already getting the call to bug again.

    Anyway, Siempre Fidelis (with a little less Hoo Rah and a little more reverance), and welcome to the forums.
  10. HozayBuck

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    Welcome..! former Marine here.. keep your thoughts to your self the PTB in the Corps I'm sure are not any more tolerant to out of step thoughts now then in my day , But you can prep from over there and you need to be!! some things are getting hard to find here so buying and having it shipped to a safe place ( Parents?) it will be waiting for you when you get home...things that may not be available down the road.. Non hybred seeds being a good item to have.. but keep reading in here and you'll get a lot of good info..
    And thank you for your service Simper Fi !
  11. backlash

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    Welcome and thank you for serving our country.
    There is a lot of knowledgeable people on here.
    You will fit right in.
    You said "when our system falls apart" not if it does.

    Hozay I was always told by the Jar Heads on ship there are no former Marines.
    Once a Marine always a Marine.
    They also said if I see them running down the passageway with a rifle I had best make myself part of the paint. :D
    Thanks for your service also Hozay.
  12. BillM

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    Welcome to the site Marine. I am a former Deputy Sheriff and many of my friends think I just worry uselessly about the coming collapse of society.

    I would expect that where you are, most grunts could not imagine anywhere worse , especially home , in the world of plenty, but tell them to go tell the Japanese that it cannot ,or will not collapse in the blink of an eye.

    The more advanced society becomes, the more interdependent we become on each other to keep the infrastructure up and running.

    Reality is that one thing can collapse and the whole house of cards can come tumbling down.

    What is it that the Corps teaches , “Improvise , adapt and overcome” ? ;)
  13. HarleyRider

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    :usaflag: Welcome to the site, Marine, from an old Army Ranger. Thank you for your service!! :usaflag:
  14. GXLancer

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Luckily for me I sit in an office all day and dont have to worry too much about dangers. I think I will start buying some supplies and sending them home. Got to love the tax free pay!
  15. Halfway

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    If you are a field guy, your field craft will serve as a great basis. You also realize the depth and importance of logistics.

    Peruse the PLL clerks ordering your class IX. Good trinkets there! Especially in BAF or KAF. Even Leatherneck.

  16. MrSfstk8d

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    Not to mention the Class VI, lol.
  17. Clarice

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    Welcome and thank you for your service. Please share your knowledge with us.
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you with us, and thanks for serving!

  19. Halfpint

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    Thank you for your service. Im new here but I have read the posts for hours and Im getting a world class educations on thing to consider and ACT upon. Pull my time, check the map for Torkam. A great place to visit. By the way I dont know it you have a support system in the rear (US) but if you need anything from an old has been please let me know. It will be sent. Gods speed home and clear your 6 and check thing twice.
  20. GXLancer

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    Hey Halfpint thanks for the support. I have a bunch of good people helping me out back home as well as amazon.com. I have family in Jackson TN. It would be crazy if you new them.