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    I've been a prepper since 1999 but only got really serious about it in the last couple of years. Hubby and I have a hobby farm where we have an assortment of critters, some as pets and others for food production. We are working slowly towards some degree of self sufficiency and now raise our own beef, lamb and goat. We will be milking goats in the spring. We also have a flock of chickens and have put in a pond and stocked it with cat fish. We now have a back up solar system that will make life much easier in any extended power outage. But we aren't fooled. We know we have a very long way to go to be totally self sufficient and we are hoping this forum will help us go in that direction

    We are both retired...hubby from the construction industry and me from the animal industry. I raised dogs for show and performance for many years and also do counseling on animal behavior issues. We are hoping the combination of our skills will serve us well in prepping for whatever comes our way in the future.

    And last, we are really hoping to find people who currently use horses for work on the farm. While we aren't getting into draft horses, we do have a small herd of stout little mini horses that, if used in two pony teams, should be able to provide a lot of work possibilities for the farm. Anyone out there with experience in this area? I've had horses almost all my life but never used them for driving or working.

    Looking forward to learning more about prepping and also enjoying good conversation on this forum.

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    :welcome: to the forums!

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    Hello and Welcome!

    We have worked our farm with horses for years. Drafters (belgian) for the most part but my haflinger/paint pony can hold her own against the 'big girls'. :D
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Andi, what do you think of my mini idea? I don't want to use them to actually farm. More for hauling wood for the house and manure out of the barn.

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    I have known some people that use goats and dogs to pull carts and such around their farm, so I would put a true mini in that area ... Start them out very light and work from there.

    I would say finding the harness would be the hard part ...
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    They are stocky "B" minis. Those are the bigger minis that are registerable with the AMHR which is an arm of the Shetland Pony registry. I started out thinking I wanted the tiny guys but quickly learned they really are just pasture ornaments. Cute, but hardly even a child's pony. So my guys are all around 36"...small but the largest you can get for minis. They are also not delicate in the 'mini' sense. They are more fefined than the average old type Shetland but have a lot more substance than the show mini.

    I have done some research into harnesses and found several harness making buisnesses that have harness and collar for minis. So there must be some sort of demand for the little work guys. I haven't contacted any of them yet as I want to work with the ponies for a while before I take on that expense.

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    Sounds like you have a plan ... :D

    We had a old type Shetland growing up ... he was great, we could ride him or put our cart behind him. :D (dang that was a looooong time ago. :eek:
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    WELCOME, :welcome:Willow from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
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    Willow-welcome from another PA resident. I'm in the SW corner, below Pittsburgh.
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    Greetings from a SW Pennsylvanian! Welcome to the forum!:welcome:
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    I'm from Jersey, but I stayed at Seven Springs a couple times. I was probably pretty to you. It's beautiful country over there. Reminds me of NC, Tenn area.