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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DenimBlue, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. DenimBlue

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    I found this forum in search for a place to discuss how to prepare for emergencies without having to read posts filled with steadily increasing political nastiness.

    I'm in Northern NY where cold is a serious problem and water is pretty abundant. I'm on the edge of a suburb which is also a challenge.

    Looking forward to learning from everyone and sharing the few things I've managed to figure out.
  2. The_Blob

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    welcome to the forum :congrat:

    looking forward to your input :2thumb:

  3. Expeditioner

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    Welcome to the forum! Know what you mean about the political nastiness (on both sides of the fence) in other forums!

  4. LittleFire

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm in Eastern Ontario, so I know what you mean about dealing with the cold but have an abundance of water
  5. Canadian

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    I'm Canadian so I know cold weather. Welcome and enjoy.
  6. northernontario

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    I also deal with the cold... I'm up in Northern Ontario... snow and cold. Welcome!
  7. NaeKid

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    I think its funny when people from Ontario talk 'bout being in Northern Ontario. I drove across Canada in Sept. 2007 and while I was looking at my GPS I noticed something funny - I was still south of the 49th parallel quite a few times (western Canada's most southern point except for in BC where Victoria is on the 48th parallel).

    Just so that you know:
    - Thunder Bay is on the 48th parallel.
    - Cochrane is just barely on the 49th parallel ..
    - Calgary (where I am) is on the 51st parallel.

    Much of my trip was actually south of Calgary - I was expecting to be "north" like Edmonton (53rd parallel) or maybe even level with Ft. McMurray (56th parallel).

    Did you know:

    Pelee Island is on the most southern point of Canada on the 41st Parallel which is on the same parallel as Northern California? Crescent City is a nice little town - I rode my bicycle into Crescent City from British Columbia when I was only 15 ..
  8. Jason

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    Welcome, DenimBlue. What do you typically have to do to deal with the cold there? I'm in PA and heat our house entirely with wood via an outdoor furnace. I know cold but I'd bet you've got me beat. :)
  9. DenimBlue

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    They close schools occasionally for cold here. When the temp and wind chill combined hit -15, the kids get the day off. This is the furthest north I have ever lived, it has been quite a learning experience.

    It gets so cold the snow acts like sand. We get snow dunes forming and snow blowing across roads in the wind. It is gorgeous, but could be quite dangerous on an emergancy.

    I have natural gas heating - with a generator to run the system if the power goes out. If the gas goes out, I have a woodstove and a fireplace with 2.5 cords of wood. I'd like another cord, I read it would take about 6 cords to heat a house all through the winter.

    I also have good sleeping bags for each person, blankets, long underwear, flannel jammies...I take my cold preparations seriously.

    I even have a plan for moving us into the partially fiinished basement where we get a lot of earth insulation and the wood stove has a much smaller area to heat.
  10. northernontario

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    While all that might be true... there are still different climate regions happening there.

    Yes, I know "Northern Ontario" is still south compared to much of Canada. But there is a huge difference between the weather in Toronto and the weather in Sudbury. Can't comment on the weather out West, since I haven't been there in the winter.
  11. sailaway

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    I know for certain that the Southern most part of Canada is south of Pelee Island, Middle Island is just south of Pelee, and just north of Kellys Island USA.;):D:beercheer::ignore: