Heads Up! Solar Storm on the way!

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by horseman09, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Cosmic Log - Here comes the sun storm

    A small quote from the above link:

    "Fortunately, it's not all that big of an eruption: The X-ray blast rated a C3 on the Space Weather Prediction Center's scale, which suggests there'll be no disruption for power grids, satellites, astronauts on the International Space Station or navigation services on airplanes."

    Sounds like much ado about nothing.

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    Could be. Time will tell! Thanks, horseman, for the heads up.

    I think, just in case, that my laptop will go in the gun safe ("farraday cage") when I shut it off and head to bed pretty soon.

    Better safe than sorry!
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    Thanks horseman. I think I'll set up a lounge chair tomorrow night and watch for the aurora. I haven't seen a good show in quite some time. I might even set the telescope up and see if it looks any different through it.
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    Thanks for this Horseman, let's hope it won't be anything.
    also found another link: spaceweather.com

    Btw, if the administrators on PS read this thread, it might be an interesting concept to work on a sort of 'alert system' on PS. So if news like this pops up, that everyone could be sent a quick link to their inbox.

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