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I am currently in Portland, Oregon after six years working on the high desert and mountains of the west. I've worked and lived in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Eastern Oregon, Northern Nevada, and Southern Idaho. I'm looking at moving back to Montana after the first of the year, so if anyone knows of any leads on areas off the Hi-Line (I spent quite a little bit of time in the Bears Paw Mountains), I'd love to hear of them. I'm not looking for work, since my work gets done from anywhere (I LOVE telecommuting!).

Other than that, here's my background, based on what I posted on another location...

-I spent seven years in the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command. This included three years at 1st Ranger Battalion and four years in Special Forces Command. I served as a rifleman, SAW gunner, team leader, and acting squad leader for six months in the Ranger battalion. I have developed and instructed military training classes for elements from squad-sized up to a battalion in strength on everything from basic hygiene to calls for fire and small-unit tactics. Most of my SF time was spent teaching close-quarters battle shooting.

- Between both duty stations, and further TDY and schools, I have qualified with all major individual and crew-served light weapons in the U.S, NATO, and former Warsaw Pact arsenals. This includes the obvious such as the M16/M4 and AK families, sidearms, and light machine-guns, as well as the less obvious.

- I have taught wilderness living and survival courses since the spring of 2000. In addition to instructing at the U.S. Army’s SERE school, I have taught in a civilian setting. I’ve also taught land navigation with map and compass, back-country travel methods, and back-country horsemanship.

- I’ve taught combat sports/martial arts since I was in my mid-teens. I have a black belt and twenty years of experience in Kodokan-style Judo. I have almost 25 years of experience in western boxing and am a certified boxing coach. I’ve studied Brazilian Jiujitsu and muay Thai boxing since 1995. I currently teach an integrated self-protection/combatives program based around all of these, combined with the use of weapons that I learned in the military. I also teach a women’s self-defense program based on the same skillset. It works as well as can be realistically expected for any body type and personality.

- I have over ten years, both pre- and post-military service, training horses for saddle and harness. I have started over 400 colts, as well as fixing “problem” horses. Horses that I’ve trained have been used for hunting, cowboying, rodeo, and recreational trail riding, as well as pulling loads in wagons.

- I spent almost a decade working as a cowboy on ranches throughout the West. (From the Hi-Line of Montana to southern Arizona. From Oregon to Colorado.) If there is something to do taking care of horses or cattle, I can probably do it. I can shoe horses to a journeyman level, doctor, rope, and repair tack. I can build fence, etc. Basically, I have a cowboy resume that will get me hired on any outfit in the West.

- I have experience with organic gardening and food-production methods, from canning and drying, to others.

- I have extensive contruction experience in the construction field, from house framing, log-building, stone-masonry, concrete work, plumbing and irrigation, and interior finish work. I have built two small houses alone, with only one apprentice, as well as working on a crew to build several dozen others. I also have a great deal of experience running a backhoe and other heavy equipment.

- I have spent significant amounts of time in the backcountry alone, from Texas and Arizona in summer, to Alaska in winter. I am completely comfortable in the wilderness alone or with a small group.

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