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  1. skiball

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    If you had to choose between one or the other. Would you rather carry a good quality axe or a quality machete and if possible, please tell us why.
    I have a good Husqvarna 26” axe and I am contemplating the purchase of an Ontario SP53 Hen 2 machete. My main reason for wanting the knife is for batoning. It’s use would serve 2 purposes. Camping as well as survival.. Camping is a great way to practice your skills...
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  2. CrackbottomLouis

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    I like an ax and also carry a good bushcraft knife. In a pinch I can leave the ax and rely on my knife but the ax is really useful. My ax is a gransfurs bruks hunter ax (if I spelled that right). Good quality ax. My knife is great and I can baton and do all sorts of stuff with it but the ax is worth the weight. Game processing, wood processing, building, etc. Good tools are useful. I have a cds knife for my large knife. Tools is one area I dont mind going heavy. I also carry a bob dustrude collapsible bow saw as well as a good leatherman. With those tools there isnt much I cant do.
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  3. Sentry18

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    I tend to prefer a good hatchet and a well made knife. I have a couple Estwing Hatchets and SOG Tactical Tomahawks which have always gotten the job done for me in combination with my Ka-Bar Becker BK2. But I know people who have mad skills with a quality machete / golok / kukri too.
  4. RedBeard

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    I take the the ax. For me there are way more applications for the ax. Plus i can throw and ax very accurately, it's a great weapon and tool.
  5. Tirediron

    Tirediron RockyMountainCanadian

    For me an axe is the first choice. In a real pinch an axe will let me build most of the other tools from scavenged steel.
    it depends on your level of self reliance.
  6. hiwall

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  7. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Depends on where you are. Down south in the desert it will be a machete. Everywhere else it will be an axe. We were at a Bushcraft type Gathering a few years ago. We were going to do some shelter building as part of a teaching session. I have my camper with me and I had my small boys axe, not a hatchet, it was a 26 in axe. Anyway those guys with their Bushcraft knives we're hacking away at some of the brush trying to cut it down. I was going through it with one swipe with the axe. Finally they all asked me to finish what they had started on theirs. I think a lot of them became Believers and keeping an axe or at least a hatchet or Hawk with them. I like knives but I see them as specialized instruments and that like most things that are designed for multiple duties they do a lot of things poorly and nothing well. When I go hunting I carry my hunting knife which is an excellent Style for skinning and gutting an animal. When it's time to butcher I use a butcher knife and I use a filleting knife or boning knife. When I am quote bushcrafting unquote I carry a small knife and either a hawk or a hatchet. I prefer the hawk because it's lighter weight with a longer handle and I just seem like I can cut through stuff faster with it. However I have a very high quality Hatchet that I carry with me at times too. Especially if I feel like I may have to hammer something with it. What it boils down to is I do not believe very much in multi-purpose equipment. In my experience like I said they do nothing well. The exception of course would be a multi-tool. But I always carry that in addition to a knife. And when I have to work on my vehicles I go to my toolbox and I use the proper wrenches, pliers,
    screwdrivers Etc.
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  8. bugoutbob

    bugoutbob Work in progress

    Up here in this neck of Canada, we all carry hatchets or axes. I don't know if that is practicality or nobody knows any better. I've never used a machete so I couldn't compare the two. I shouldn't say nobody carries a machete, I know I few urban types when carry them in their vehicles because they think it makes them look cool and they have seen them in zombie movies, but I've never seen them used in the bush.

    When I travelled in S.E. Asia the locals all had machetes of various types for jungle work and no axes. Again I don't know if that as a function of one working better than the other or just what they were used to carrying.
  9. camo2460

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    I like a lot of Folks have tried to make one Tool do many things, and like MMM said it works, but not really well. I have different Knives for different purposes, and I don't use a Knife for something that my "Hawk" will accomplish, such as splitting Wood. So to Answer the Question, I prefer a Tomahawk, since that is what I have used for Forty Years or so, and along with a large Bowie and a smaller Bush Craft Knife, I can do most anything in a Wilderness/survival setting.
  10. Magus

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  11. Flight1630

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    So I'm guessing a chainsaw is out of order here? Lol
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  12. bacpacker

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    I used to carry my Cold Steel Hawk. It has a polled head so I can use it as a hammer if needs be. And will cut smaller stuff all day long. But for anything with much size, I much prefer my scout ax. It's a little larger than a hatchet, but doesn't weight much more. It is much more variable in usage. I always have a lockback folder and a fixed blade on me as well. None of them are good at everything, but with the right mix you can do most anything.

    I agree with Sentry, The BK2 is a very well made knife, well enough I don't hesitate to baton with it. I got mine before Becker sold out to KaBar. I like Beckers so well, I also got a BK7 and a BK15.
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  13. hashbrown

    hashbrown Peckerwood

    I carry a Estwing camp axe in my truck but my favorite is an old double bit axe one side sharp the other side dull. axe1.jpg axe2.jpg
  14. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    I keep one of those in our U-Haul conversion motorhome. They cut really nice but they are not the best for splitting wood. However they are virtually indestructible!
  15. hashbrown

    hashbrown Peckerwood

    Most of the wood I cut requires a splitting hammer to split wood. I can split most of the red oak I cut with an axe though.
  16. crabapple

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  17. musketjim

    musketjim Well-Known Member

    For my trail work I carry both an axe and a machete. I use both quite a bit for clearing. I don't use a hatchet much, love to throw it tho. Axe is a heavier but I can use it as a hatchet for small stuff. I usually carry both.
  18. musketjim

    musketjim Well-Known Member

    When I say both, I mean machete and axe. Sorry
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  19. skiball

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    I joined this thread a long time ago and haven’t been very active. I just came back as a matter of fact.
    The game your link refers to seemed to end around one year ago. It took a wrong turn and was forgotten. It certainly looks like not only an interesting game, but very informative as well.
    I’ve been away too long to feel comfortable trying to put a thread back in track or to take an idea and resurrect on a new thread. I do however, think it would be beneficial is someone did...
    Just saying...!
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  20. Magus

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    The only way to go south of the Mason Dixon's woods.
    Higher up, I'd pack a medium hatchet or a small Hudson Bay ax.