Has any one used this. QuickClot

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    Cabelas has it and i was wondering if it was in any ones bob or home med kit. Full name QuickClot Sport Silver. I,am going to order some for my 4x4 med kit. Don,t want to have to test it. Not sure about shelf life. Anyone seen it used or used it. How good does it work. Thank ya.
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    Battlefield tests by the US and Israeli military shows that it works just fine. You can not use it on arterial wounds because the pressures are too great for the clotting to work, for those you need to have a Israeli Battle Dressing. To me, the IBD is far more important than Quick Clot as it has so many more uses and applications. I carry both in my BOB and on my load out and range bags.

    For the IBD's;

    A good price here
    Israeli Emergency Bandage - 4" | www.chinookmed.com

    Different sizes here
    Performance Systems Medical Division - The Israeli Emergency Bandage

    A pic tutorial on using it here
    How to apply Isreali Trauma Bandage

    Article about the development of the IBD

    Israeli Super Bandage Saves Lives

    A short article I found on the use:

    A very long article about the use:

    Pressure Applied by the Emergency/Israeli Bandage | Military Medicine | Find Articles at BNET

    The intro to the article.

    The conclusion--seven pages later:


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    Thank,s very usefull info.