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Harvesting Firewood

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I just put in a wood fireplace and have been harvesting wood from relative's properties. I am reforesting my 5 acres with localy appropriate trees (Ponderosa Pines) that thrive here. I have learned to use a chain saw (own) and hydraulic splitter (rented). I built a covered crib to hold 4 cords and will expand it to 8 this summer. I do have central heat (gas) but have turned it off and am going cold turkey to wood and am enjoying it.

My question is what tools should I use if my chain saw were unusable and a power splitter is unavailable? In other words, long term off the grid self-sufficiency.

Ponderosa Pine is realatively soft, is typically 50-75 ft tall and 18 inches diameter. The bottom 2/3rds of the tree is typically without branches.

I have read about cross cut saws and sharpening them. But what hand tools would make it easiest to fell a dozen trees a year, and split them, AND MAINTAIN THE TOOLS IN THE LONG TERM? I want to buy the tools best for the job with enough spare parts and tools to maintain them indefinitely.

My stove takes 24inch logs.

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Depending on how far point a is from point b, you could use a sled when there is snow on the ground to move the logs, either using human power or a horse to pull it. Wheelbarrows might help also, but in either case it would take many trips to get your wood for the one said it would be easy!
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