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1 You can be sitting on ten pounds of krugerands and walking liberty coins, if what you need isn't there, you can't buy it! I became the proud owner of the last case of toilet paper in my area, at normal price I might add. care to guess where I bought it? a frikkin' industrial supply store! Oh, sure. its the stuff they use in the county jail, but it works!

2 You should have had your ammo needs taken care of already. a box of .308 is 45$ IF you can find it, 7.62 and .556 and some of the common pistol calibers are still around, good luck finding 357 or 38 special, if you do, get ready to pay for them! like say, 50$ for a box of PMC!

3 You'll miss the little things you'll never notice until they're gone! Cleaning supplies, handy wipes, bleach, medical alcohol children's supplies, rolling papers for your Bugler handy rolls. (;) ) soups. stock up the minute you see it coming guys! I did, I lived quite well in my Winnebago bunker on the creek.

4 Store at least a month ahead on fuel, rotate/ use the gas Propane and natural gas last years.

5 Chose your communication gear well, I thought I had, but when my beloved Sangein SWR died, I was out of luck!

6 Tools and raw materials. I keep a small junk pile and lumber dump. everyone should have one! the little things will kill you every time.

7 always over plan. during the outbreak, my mask of choice was a side filtered NIoSH with #6 filters. I got called "Darth Vader" a few times, heard a bunch of funeral announcements on the radio too. F**k them.

8 Tell no one you're ready! I ended up selling a box or two of 22LR and some TP to those I knew, anyone outside your immediate family is too many, BUT in honesty, those who knew helped set me up so, its all good.

9 Stuff for your kids. ALL the little things they need and then some, hoard, it will keep and it will command high price after your kids don't need it.

10 Drinkers and smokers and even the druggies, hoard your poison of choice, you'll be hurting when your source drops dead! OH, and lots of vitamins and salt pills, YOU WILL NEED THEM!

There, I hope this helps someone. :)
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