harbor freight for the win!

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    There was another post about this but I couldn't find it so figured I'd make a new one. A house down the street from me got robbed and harbor freight had a sale on night vision cameras so I figured why not. When I was there they also had a survival knife on sale; only eight bux! So why not lol, I bought two figured I'd put them in my car bob's if nothing else.

    When I got home I opened them and was definitely wow'd. They are pretty legit! I mean there is no way this knife is keeping up with any quality knife and there is no way I would take it with me if I'm spending a week in the forest but man for eight dollars there was no way I could go wrong. If anyone is looking for a truck knife or something cheap this should definitely be considered. It was $7.99, 8" blade w/ saw on the back side, the handle is a waterproof compartment that is filled with matches, sewing kit, fishing kit, tape, flint and matches!! Come on! How awesome, all that - 8 bux

    Here's the actual info:

    - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

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    You should test the one of the two for sustainability and report back. I wonder how well it will hold an edge?

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    In my Popular Mechanics mag every month Harbor Freight has a sales Ad and a 20% coupon off any single item, the latest is good until April.
  4. youpock

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    I think I'm going to go back sometime soon, the closest one is like 40 minutes away. And when I do I'm going to get a third and just beat the hell out of it. lol I want to test how long it'll keep its edge and I'm going to beat it with a hammer. There is a small set screw that I think holds the blade into the handle so I want to see how quickly that will fail.
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    I have one very similar that my son gave me 20 yrs. ago for Christmas as a hunting knife. I actually carried it and used it to dress a deer just so I could tell him I did. :D He's 28 now and laughs about it whenever we talk about it. I have it in my BOB. :2thumb:

  6. Jason

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    Hey Bob, Popular Science has those same Harbor Freght ads. Thanks for mentioning that-I never gave those coupons a thought.
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    Also the NRA magazines have the 20% off coupons.
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    They are even in fur fish and game. Going by one next month. :2thumb: You know i,ll stop in, just for a little while. :D
  9. Shopsurvivalkits

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    I love Harbor Freght they have alot of unique tool and supplies. There is a store about 30 miles from where i live, we go there about once a month.
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    does anyone go to Northern Tool store? About as cheap as Harbor freight, but much better grade of merchandise, and much neater stores. Their average store has much more floor space than Harbor freight also.

    Another good store is Tractor Supply store. Good variety of mechandise geared more to farm and ranch life, with feed for many animals. I'm lucky in that I have access to all three stores nearby.
  11. UncleJoe

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    Tractor Supply is DW's favorite place to shop. :)
  12. GatorDude

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    I got that knife too. Pretty sweet for $8...:congrat:
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    I was in Northern Tool, the closest one to me is in Charlotte, N.C., I live in Ohio. They do have higher quality than Harbor Freight. I like N. T. and will stop by to look around when I go by one. We have TSC in town and they get alot of my business, I am happy with the value I get there.

    I am an avid reader of JP Jeep Magazine and every issue has a Harbor Freight Ad with all types of coupons to take an additional 20-60% off selected tools for Jeep maintenance. The closest H.F. is 1.5 hrs. away so I don't get there often. All of these places sell tools that I don't think I would buy from them if I relied on them and used them daily in my work, I would definately pay more for much higher quality.
  14. I went through a few of those when I was a kid. I spent a lot of time in the woods and used them all the time. My dad would pick me up a new one whenever one would break. He'd get them for $3 or so at the fun show. The little survival kit is all but worthless. The saw will likely break before you manage to cut anything bigger than a twig with it. The blade doesn't hold an edge. The handles tend to break if you put any stress on them. They're a fun novelty but I would never want to count on one. Get a Swedish Mora knife if you want a cheap, durable survival knife that you can actually depend on.
  15. Bigdog57

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    I have a pretty cheap (inexpensive) "Commando Tanto" fixed 5" blade knife I got from a magazine ad back in my Navy daze (early 80's) for less than $20 - it's been my constant outdoors knife ever since. I even used it to chisel open two steel Russian ammo Spam cans! Barely scratched it - and I was hammering it pretty good!
    Never found a better all-round field knife! I choose it over even my Kabar.

    Tractor Supply is great - Farm/Industrial grade products. A buddy compared their chain harrow (to prep his deer food plots) to those of NT - NT's was very flimsy, while the TSC gear was HEAVY DUTY!

    I do shop now and then at HF and NT - but only if I can't find what I need at TSC. ;)
  16. brandyd

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    Harbor Freight "survival knife"

    I bought the same knife about 2 yrs ago... I use it in the garden.. for $8 it's worth every penny.... that said, you get what you paid for and not a penny more. It's cheap, the steel is a rather poor grade stainless, does not hold an edge well. But used as a gardening tool it's fine.

    I have also purchased & installed several Harbor Freight color video cameras. At $39 a pop they're a nice deal. they are wired..(vs. wireless) come with 80 ft of cable, have some IR (night vision) capability (good for 8-10 ft in low/no light) and also have audio. they patch directly into one of your TV's extra audio/video inputs. so to use them you change the input selector on your remote. Bottom line, they're very basic but work quite well. They dont have any kind of motion trigger. If I'm waiting for someone to come up the driveway.. I turn them on... or if the door bell rings, I can turn it on and see who's there...(and hear their conversation). I've had 2 installed outside now for +3 yrs without a problem. For another $50 I added a remote pan base Micro Center - PanBase Remote Control Pan Base for camera .... the pan base allows me to sweep a full 270 degrees of view. If I hear something outside I can switch the TV to camera and take quick sweeep to see if the boogie man's out there or just a burglar. Pretty cool. It has also survived approx 3 yrs outside and is still going strong.
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    I didnt even know that Northern Tool had stores. Thought it was just online and catalog. Harbor Freight is about 10 minutes from me though.
  18. LincTex

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    I have always felt the quality was near the same, but at a bit higher price.

    The HF store near me has the absolutely worst customer service of any retail store, anywhere. One cashier woman there is an absolute b**tch... she has to be a relative of the store owner.
  19. Texas

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    So my question is , How did the survalance cameras work out. Saw them in the ad in the Sunday paper. Just wondered.
  20. Jim1590

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    Hmm, closest Northern Tool to me is 600 miles. Think I am lucky, HF gets too much of my $ as it is!