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Hand pump for well

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I have a well and am worried about the possibility of power outages

I know they have pumps that instal in your well housing but that would be a item I would not want people to know I have. It could easly get stolen

Is it possible to run something underground into the house and have the hand pump inside? would something as simple as a hose work?
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talk about bringing a post back from the dead. GEEZUS!
This is why people are told to do searches and sometimes the answers they find may not have enough info so it's only logical to ask for further knowledge on the subject. Why not use a supposedly, dead, posting?
GXLancer's post is 4 years old!

No worries..... I do not have a phobia of older threads...
Actually I'm glad someone brought it back, otherwise I wouldn't have known about the Bison pump. Maybe if I'm having a bad day, just to spread my misery around, I'll drag up an old post, just to get others excited about a non-sequitur.:D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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