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Hand Crank Radios

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Is there a particular brand of hand crank (battery-less) radios that is better than the rest?
Also, what features are important to have?
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I've used 3 - 4 different ones in the last 10 years and find that after a month to a year they all are c#*p.

I'd rather keep some Lithium batteries in my BOB with a decent radio. Then if TSHTF I'll use a solar recharger system with Eneloop AA's.

If anyone has a Cranker that has worked for them for more than a year (reliably), please let us know.
Just bought a used grundig hand crank n a new oil lantern $25 off KIJIJI pick up in morning.....
Please let us know when the Grudig's rechargeable batteries quit taking a charge, or if the whole thing just quits.
Just speaking from previous experience :rolleyes:

I know the oil lantern will still be working 20 years from now.
The main problem I've experienced with every brand of these, is first the cranking to listening time is way off the maker's claims.

The cheap rechargeable batteries included are usually (not always) NOT replaceable and then fail to take a charge after little use: 3 to 12 months. If the crank generator went into decent/replaceable AA's, than they might have a decent product.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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