Halifax, NovaScotia teens attack walkers

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    Gang of teens attack three in Halifax | Canada | News | Calgary Sun

    Just finished reading this. From what I remember of the east-cost of Canada, it was a great place to hang out and just relax having fun. If kids could beat the crap outta some guys for cigs and a lighter - what could they do if they were hungry?
  2. mosquitomountainman

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    Look at the number of them also. They already have their "group" formed and WTSHTF they'll be like a pack of wolves turned loose.

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    "WOOFs" can be pretty tasty with the right seasonings and some care in prep work...:D

    OH and add a cold :beercheer::beercheer::beercheer::2thumb: AND!! you can keep the younger pups till they fatten up!!
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    Not one of those little scum sucking punks would do crap with out a bunch behind them. This is what to expect out of the world to come, some old fella might not be in the mood to play and lay about 6 or 8 of those scum on a slab which is where they need to be. They will be slapped and let go, that way they can learn not to leave witnesses next time. Dam this sorta thing makes me mad. Pack is right not with out their bully buddies for back up. :mad:
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    I've heard my hometown of Halifax has changed and have heard a bunch of bad things of late. Heck, it wasn't this bad with the "Angels" in town. My wife's ex-husbands nephew had the snot kicked out of him and then stabbed AFTER he gave the punks the iPod they wanted.
    Years and years ago in Lower Sackville, a guy shot and killed a teenager who was in his home with other "youths" and guess who ended up going to jail because he used his own handgun in defence of his family. In the end, he did end up getting off of the charges for the most part but here in the US it would've been a no brainer that he did the right thing. What really bugged me was the old picture they showed of the kid, all nice n tidy, clean cut with a tie cut down by a vigilante but when you saw a pic of what he looked like recently when he was caught by the cops for something else, he was in no short words nothing but a gang thug.