Ha Ha. "Thousands" Gather in DC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by horseman09, Oct 3, 2010.

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    From a friend

    A buddy of mine spent his life as a union heavy equipment operator and while retired he's still taped into the inner news... A friend of his who works in the east has a son who just became an apprentice and according to his friend ,to swell the ranks of supporters for this "March" the unions ordered all apprentices to attend the march...and supplied the buses ...

    How true I don't know but I know my friend and he knows his friend... but I'm going to remove "Union Made" from items I buy , some I can't avoid... but when I can I will..

    The friend of my enemy is my enemy :D

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    Gen, thanks for the pics. When my wife an I marched with the Tea Party ove a year ago, 2 things about the people stuck out like a sore thumb:

    first, everyone -- and I do mean everyone, was so polite. We were a huge mass of humanity elbow to elbow and if someone accidentally bumped into you, in every case, it was, "Oh! Excuse me."

    Second, the only trash we saw on the ground was that which overflowed from the trash recepticles.

    The pics you showed and to the pics from ObaMao's inauguration shows very clearly to me that those participants are pigs.
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    They just don't seem to get it that socialism failed. Look at Europe! What better evidence is there?
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    so... if CNN is using 8/28 footage... are they going to make comments about how 'white' the crowd looks? (they DID for 8/28)
    or even answer when somebody points out all the Gadsen Flags?