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    One of my coworkers (who is not a conspiricy-nut) just introduced me to a theory that I haven't heard of before. H.A.A.R.P. stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It sounds very benign, but, if you start reading some of the stuff behind HAARP it really makes you wonder what the hell do these scientists think they are doing???

    I'll just start you all off with several links:


    Chemtrails weather modification

    Military Pandora Box

    WorldMystries - Katrina a case of weather manipulation?

    After you have a chance to read through some of the information there, and also have a chance to really think about it, please answer a couple of questions that I have - and - you are more than welcome to add your own thoughts to this.

    #1 - Do we have the right to try to manipulate the weather into a weapon of mass-destruction?

    #2 - When we try to control nature, nature will always try to re-balance itself. Nature does not like to be controlled, therefore, nature will lash back with a vengence. Does this project attempt to control nature and is nature just fighting back with a stronger will?

    #3 - Could HAARP have contributed or been the complete cause of interrupted radio communications throughout Canada and the Northern USA in the late 90's?

    #4 - Could HAARP have contributed or been the complete cause of the major power outages throughout Manitoba and Ontario in the late 90's? The problem was blamed on "sun-spot activity" and the Aurora Borealis. During that same period of time, I remember the Aurora Borealis was very active and very visible even in the city of Calgary (where I live), and, it was very visible even with all the light-pollution of a major city.

    #5 - I understand that SunSpots have a huge impact on our planet as listed at SolarStorms.org and they can cause electrical / radio interruption. SunSpots directly influence Aurora Borealis, but, does this HAARP also directly influence the Aurora Borealis in such a way to cause electrical / radio interruption?

    (Yes, #4 and #5 are very similar)

    #6 - I have been reading in international-news that snow / ice is being found in areas that do not normally receive snow / ice. Is it possible that the HAARP is influencing weather-patterns to drop snow / ice further from the normal areas?
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    When the Russians were working on psychic programs during ww2 and the cold war this is what we were doing.

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    Sounds like one of JDY's stories I just read.
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    Wow. To answer the first question that you posed . . . NO!

    Another obvious path that my mind went down . . . could this tie in to the current alarmist nonsense about global warming? If so, is the government manipulating data to make people think that the earth's weather patterns are changing, when in reality, it's a bunch of lab rats playing with a big radio set?

    Weird, scary stuff. With things like this going on, who needs Sci/Fi?
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    Being the non-conspiracy guy, here's a quick vid to enhance your experience

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boKjwccQFgU"]you tube video on H.A.A.R.P.[/ame] and what some others think about it. :gaah:
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    As one commenter to the YT video said "Folks get your tinfoil hats on"! :congrat:
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    I had to think a little on this... To be honest , I didn't know if I wanted to look into again.:eek:

    More than a few years ago I did a lot of research on weather manipulation ...(funny it came up on a board much like this one) ...:scratch ... lol - So first I don't think it is right, you just don't screw with mother nature, it will get you in the end. JMHO
    That would be #1 no
    #2 - as I said in 1 no - mother nature will get you in the end ... (you don't screw with mother nature.)
    #3 - a lot of folks say yes and a number of other say no ... :dunno:
    #4 & 5 - well you can go back to #3 ... It is all in how you look at it.( and to be honest what one believes.)

    I ask a navy friend once about weather manipulation and some other 'stuff' ... he told me I didn't want to know some of the 'stuff' they were doing. (I got the same answer from my dad, who is also a navy guy. (Go navy :))

    I will say(Imo) weather manipulation is real and going on all around us, and it don't take much research to find that out.
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    I'm one of those people who believe that if science can do something , they will. I have read up on the HAARP program, and I believe it's fully functional. The elites want to reduce population, so you do the math. The real ruling elites have no problem using any weapon they possess.

    I don't believe in global warming, but I do believe the climate changes over time--ie--ice ages. I'm not so sure the strange weather patterns we have been having everywhere aren't Haarp experiements. What better way to test a weapons system than real life. Also, continuing with the population reduction plan by the elites, if enough weather problems can be caused, this will disrupt the growing cycles that farmers need to grow crops. So in the end, you get lower food crops grown, and--- you can figure out the rest.

    call me crazy, but it sure does seem like some big "plan" is being instituted by the powers that be. Things are happening that point to major changes coming for all. Mostly bad changes, that we don't seem able to stop. How can you fight and deal with a weather control weapon??? good luck.
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    You would think if HAARP really worked they would have made it snow more in Canada for the winter olympics.:scratch:D:dunno:
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    Maybe it is because of HAARP that the winter olympics had so little snow. :D
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    I just know its Pinky and The Brain behind this :peep::D
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    I used to love that show! :sssh:

    I look at all the weird weather we have been having lately and I wonder if it is all completely natural or if we are influencing it directly (HAARP) or indirectly (like Al Gore wants us to believe). :scratch
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    I just wonder if they, HAARP, can cause it to rain on Al Gores :earthhug:parade.:rolleyes::hmmm: