Guns for food?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by Magus, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Magus

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    Read the last two lines especially well.this is comming to your town!

    LOS ANGELES — A program to exchange guns for gifts has brought in a record number of weapons this year as residents hit hard by the economy look under the bed and in closets to find items to trade for groceries.

    The annual Gifts for Guns program wound down Sunday in Compton, a working class city south of Los Angeles that has long struggled with gun and gang violence. In a program similar to ones in New York and San Francisco, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department allows residents to anonymously relinquish firearms in return for $100 gift cards for Ralphs supermarkets, Target department stores or Best Buy electronics stores.

    Turning in assault rifles yields double that amount.

    In years past, Target and Best Buy were the cards of choice, with residents wanting presents for the holidays.

    This year, most asked for the supermarket cards, said sheriff's Sgt. Byron Woods.

    "People just don't have the money to buy the food these days," he said.

    Just think,when they cut off the food,we can all just turn in our guns!
    Who wants to be first to trade your security for a weeks worth of grub?
  2. Backwoods

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    Can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to trade in even a low priced gun for a bag of groceries. Take it to a gun/pawn shop that buys weapons and get at least 1/3rd of the value.

    OTOH some people might not have the most "Clean" record for filling out paperwork to sell a gun.

    Which brings up another point. When these guns are turned in do they run them to see if they are stolen or possibly used in a crime?????

  3. OFG

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    I wonder if anyone can do that? I could go pick up a $1000.00 or 2 of various amounts in food cards and do my own guns for food trade. The various amounts would be great, give someone a 20-40 dollar card for junky stuff and more expensive cards for nicer ones.

    Probably some legalities involved with that though.
  4. solaceofwinter

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    i think ill keep mine, so if i had to have food i could shoot something to eat...
    thats nuts.
  5. backlash

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    Try putting an ad on Craigslist and see if you get ant takers.
    Worth a shot. (pun intended) :D
  6. jebrown

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    This program started in Watts around 30 years ago trying to get guns off the street. San Francisco and New York copy Los Angeles not the other way around.
    If they checked up on the guns to see what they may have been used for few would turn them in.
    When the media shows up a few high powered or assualt guns are displayed. Most of the guns are non-working and rusted. Most owners don'twant to spend the money on gun repair.
    If this program worked so well it would be done on a regular basis not just once in a while.
  7. Magus

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    I think if there was an actual buyback,the idea would be to turn in a bunch of junkers and put the proceeds down on a new
  8. O6nop

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    The people that they supposedly want to get guns from are criminals. A criminal is not going to turn in a working gun for food, they are going to use it to steal food or steal money to buy food or drugs.
  9. BlackPaladin

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    I wouldn't turn in a weapon I didn't know the "pedigree" of, unless I had a signed statement of immunity from prosecution AND harassment in any way.