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So what is your take on the GFR's letters to governors telling them they have 3 days to step down or be removed?

Obviously they know the governors won't step down, but the letter's sound more like a threat than just a statement about their feelings. Are they trying to pick a fight? Do you agree with the FBI that this may inspire violent response?

here's an article from the DesMoines Register

I invented the internet. :rofl:
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I believe the FBI is trying to promote fear among the population toward anyone who is against the direction the government is taking. This is a frightening step toward censorship. The people in question are nothing to worry about IMO. The thing most likely to inspire violence is the FBI's and gov't. over-reaction. I wonder if that's what they want.

Many here can probably remember the attrocities committed under gas-em-and-burn-em Reno and the Clinton administration. They all started like this with government and media induced paranoia.

Neither the Branch Davidians or the Weavers deserved what they got. The Weavers ended up with a tidy settlement from the government after it was all over. (Not that money could make up for their loss. All they wanted was to be left alone.) The survivors at Waco didn't fare so well but anyone who doesn't believe that the government conveniently "lost" a lot of key evidence is living in denial.

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Reported threatening letters to governors nationwide; the same week that Michigan "militia" raids by FBI and DHS in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. All this following closely on the heels of the public outcry at the passage of the "Healthcare reform".

Google "Ruby Ridge" and "Branch Davidians" and Kristalnacht" and the "Munich beerhall putsch" and "False flag operations".


Lessons from George Orwell's 1984
War is Peace refers to to the fact that while a country is at war, it can get away with murder on the home front, on the pretext of "rooting out traitors."

A good example of this is the Espionage Act passed by Congress and signed by Woodrow Wilson in 1917, which had little to do with spies, and a lot to do with allowing the feds to round up anyone who criticized the Government's actions during a war.(Fun trivia fact: Since the United States has officially been in a state of emergency since the Korean War, the Act is still in force).


Freedom is Slavery means that you are supposed to treat your supposedly natural rights as privileges that you need to constantly earn. For instance, regardless of the guarantee of the 2nd. amendment, there is a continuing concerted effort to demonize gun ownership and although prescribed in the Constitution, membership in any "unorganized militia" is viewed as seditious and unAmerican.

Ignorance is Power means that as long as you believe what you are told, the state has the power to justify whatever it wants.

Example: in 1998, Clinton ordered tomahawk missiles to be fired at a Sudanese Pharmaceutical plant. His rationale was that it was being used to construct bio-weapons. Six months later, the government quietly admitted that it had no conclusive evidence of this.

Big Brother has your best interests in mind... or not. :sssh::sssh::sssh:

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During a trip to Hayden Lake Idaho, where he first met the bunch who turned out to be a bunch of Skinheads , Randy Weaver asked a guy who was sitting next to him about how they knew if there was any FED's there, the guy said, Hell they're easy to spot, they are the ones trying to get you to do something illegal !!

Any Militia bunch with more then a few members has somebody reporting to the feds...fact!...,. The whole Ruby Ridge thing came from an effort to get Weaver to be a snitch for the Feds, after they set him up on a gun sting.... and yes he was set up... and he said NO! it cost him his Wife and Son.

That's how the Fed works, set somebody up for a bust any way they can then turn them into a snitch.

IF your planning to form a MAG keep it small, family is best, close family, real close..

Remember, about 90% of the people in prison are there because they couldn't keep their mouths shut....

Every word we say in here is being read by at least half the Fed LEO Agency's in the country , your cell phone conversations are being monitored, believe it! and just about every thing you do on the NET is being watched.

Every time you order a gun or ammo over the net it's noted.. I can't prove it but I'll bet the FED's are tapped into the UPS system and most likely the very people you buy from...

I know this and decided I don't care, FK em! I'm still a loyal red blooded American even if they aren't.. I have what I have and don't care if they know it.

As for the OP, I never heard of this bunch... nor will I google their web site, they are probably a FED Sting in action..

The best way to deal with these chitheads is to understand that anything sneaky, dirty, low down, for that matter Illegal they are doing it... they break the law and violate the Constitution to protect us from protect the PTB from us... they want total control, we don't want that, so we are bitter enemy's and they will do what they want to break us..

If you never do anything else, believe what I said cause it is true, for every decent FED LEO there are two that answer to a higher power and his name ain't God.

I'm not paranoid! something really is watching me!!!:D

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Its probably some fat loser who lives in his mom's basement and uses the rest of his time googleing Japanese hentai porn.

the shortwave frequencies used to be full of idiots with similar "demands" in the early 90's,where did they go?

the internet.a PC is cheaper than a shortwave broadcasting studio and any 12 yr old can get a free website.chances are he's never met any of his "members".
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