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Actually, I've lived in Western USA, Heartland USA, and Southwest USA, but was born in the Deep South and have returned. I am about a half-century full of watching life and societies: I am a natural sociologist. I like keeping any money that comes my way, so I like being as self-sufficient as i can be in whatever circumstances I am in.

It's not that I don't spend money, but I like spending it so I need less money the next month/year/whenever--spend it on solar panels (I had a good start on a whole-house solar system, and it got stolen.), on garden seeds (I have some that are a decade old, and sometimes I just dump a bunch in a garden row and see what still germinates.), on informative books/Internet connection. I am not perfect about anything that I do, and yet I enjoy doing a variety of activities and skills and look to develop some more.

Currently I rent on an acre of land in the country, with crumby city water, and a semi-busy road in front of the old house. I have put in some blueberry bushes, almonds, peaches, apples, hazelnuts, strawberries, gardening beds.
I am an internationally recognized poet.
I'm a Technician level Amateur Radio Operator--with some waning code skills.
I'd love to build a clay cooking stove to use in an outdoor, split-log kitchen that I have not built yet, either.
My back is weakened from a short leg, so I take it easy a lot of weeks.
I tried being vegan for a few years, vegetarian for about a half-year, am the meat-eater, O blood type so neither of these worked long-term, (But I loved saving on food money.)
I like animals but I still can kill one if I need it. I have butchered a bunch of chickens and have helped with a goat and a sheep.
My favorite activity is orchard work.
I have learned about the big variety of fruiting bushes, in the past decade.
I want to set-up a battery-charger that I can run from my bicycle.

Most people really like me at first, but once they realize that I am not them plus me, they get disillusioned. I don't know how I set-up this expectation; maybe because I am open to humanity in general and I usually accept people in whatever condition that I initially find them. I do expect people to seek new skills and experiences all during life, and maybe once that is apparent, they feel betrayed, or something? As far as I can tell, there is no unconditional love anywhere in this Universe. Such an utter acceptance would breed stagnation and, eventually, chaos.

I believe that it does not take a lot of money to educate a child, just a teacher who will look the child in the eyes and enjoy explaining anything to him/her.
My definition of good parenting is for the Mother to invite the child into, primarily, the Mother's life--letting the child/children learn how to live in the home, how to do some cooking and simple sewing repairs, gardening a bit, and such. Doing things with children is much better than doing things for them, though young ones do need almost everything done for them up-front.

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I don't ussually answer these 'cause I am new here myself, but it sound like you have your "stuff" together, hope to read some interesting posts from you :)

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I am interested in your almond trees. Did you plant using seed or buy the trees already growing? I ask because I have read that most almonds sold commercially in the US have been either chemically or heat pasteurized therefor you cannot plant them and expect them to grow. So I was wondering where you got your unpasteurized almonds if you panted from seed.
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