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Groups of like-mind

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Its is best to seek out groups of like-minded individuals, most people are afraid of the Militias, simply because the NWO wants them to believe they are ALL bad. Define Militia= The last line of defense versus an out of control Govn't or a Tyrannical Govn't, just ask our fore fathers. Its part of our 2nd Amendment rights, to maintain a well regulated militia. The Militia's have for years been seeing all of this coming, most people just didn't want their little white Pickett fence stained, the ole adage of "if it doesn't affect me personally it want effect me at all". Just my .2c's, stop over at our website and check us out, like what ya see, email us and let me know what state your in, and I will try to get ya a contact name in your AO. GOD Bless.

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What is the state of a modern Militia right now? When you get together do you do field exercises with munitions?
Our state is that we are preparing, have been. Yes we do from time to time conduct "Live Fire" exercises, fire team procedures, recon, etc. Practice force on force drills using Airsoft rifles. We also do edible plants in the wild, survival skills, etc. We also host Constitutional meetings, this one of our awareness programs, we have guest speakers, DVD documentaries, books, lots of white paper from off of the internet for people to see, read and hear. knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers. Any other questions, feel free to ask, oh we also have a recommended individual preparedness program, as well as our group program.

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