Grocery aware of preppers?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by tsrwivey, May 12, 2011.

  1. tsrwivey

    tsrwivey Supporting Member

    Just opened the paper to look at the local grocery's sale adds. Here's the list of what's on sale this week: Jello, isopropyl alcohol, 1# bag pintos, 1# bag rice, pasta, vienna sausages, canned beans/peas, cannedo tomatoes - all for 50 cents each. Also on sale, peanut butter, Kraft mac n cheese, paper plates, Kool-aid, spaghetti sauce. Kinda makes me think my family is not the only ones prepping around here & in fact there are many doing the same thing. So many, in fact, that the stores have noticed & know what we want. Just a hunch. Hmmm...
  2. joyfulheart

    joyfulheart Active Member

    I'm guessing more people are having to cook from scratch and they are advertising to that aspect.

    I have neighbors who have called me asking how to cook white rice. LOL

    What store?

  3. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    1-lb. bags of pintos for 50 cents? Grab up a bunch! That's a good deal, or is compared to the prices up here. Same with the pasta. I can beat that price on the rice at Costco, but just about everything else you listed would have me in the store stocking up!

    I notice the same thing joyful mentioned...people are probably cooking more from scratch and I see less boxed stuff in our local grocery ad. Definitely more people putting in gardens the last couple years.
  4. Clarice

    Clarice Well-Known Member

    I'm getting the same impression. Don't pass up an opportunity to save where we can.
  5. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    Krogers has a lot of canned items on sale for .49 this week....
  6. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the ad the local Brookshires grocery chain has. When I was in there were 3 people stocking the can items and people were taking them off the shelves as fast as they put them out.
  7. GailP

    GailP Member

    I've come across a few good sales here and have been couponing my little heart out. I am also lucky that I moved to a bigger place and that it doesn't have any good restaurants here. On average I'd been eating out 1 or twice a day. Now it's down to once or twice a week!
  8. Kai22

    Kai22 Well-Known Member

    Heck yeah - that's a great deal! I looked today what a 1 lb bag of pintos is at my store- $1.79!! Are you kidding me? Part of the problem here is it's the only grocery store for 40 miles. They can do whatever they want.

    I agree with what others said here - people are definitely cooking more from scratch, utilizing their crock-pots, etc. A lot of people at work have asked me how to use a crock-pot and if I would give them my recipes. We all share grocery ads and tips for saving money on food. Part of our internal company website is actually dedicated to user submitted tips on saving money on food, cooking, etc.

    Hmm as i type this, DH is watching Apocolypse 2012 on TV and it's showing some people's preps. Interesting. I like seeing what other people have going on in this regard. :)
  9. neldarez

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    I went to Walmart yesterday and their aisle 7 looks like a costco.......they have doubled at least their space of dehydrated bulk foods. Bulk dehydrated butter, eggs ..etc and on the bottom shelf they have buckets like mres..........interesting.......
  10. tsrwivey

    tsrwivey Supporting Member

    In my dreams!! You are sooo lucky! I would go nuts if any of our local stores had stuff like that!!!! I just found powdered whole milk locally a few weeks ago!!!:2thumb: Call me paranoid but buying preps on the internet makes me nervous. It's crazy to feel like you need to buy bulk food like you would crack - cash only & keep it secret. :sssh:

    Joyful- that ad was from Super 1. Do ya'll have those in Dallas? I need to learn how to cook beans in the pressure cooker! Learning to use the pressure cooker is on my ever growing to-do list.
  11. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    That was my thought, too! I was just shopping at WalMart today, and didn't see anything like that. However, when I was having a hard time getting wheat at WalMart (because they didn't sell it in OH), I ended up in a neighboring state buying it, and the employee told me that WalMart is trying to become standardized across the nation, selling the same things in every store. Sure enough, within a few weeks the OH stores were selling 25lb bags of wheat, too.

    So... I'm hopeful that the OH WalMarts will start carrying bulk foods like dehydrated eggs and butter, too! (I know a lot of folks don't like WalMart, but I'm not gonna lie - I sure did appreciate the sale prices I got on groceries today - cause our grocery expenses are killing us. ;) )
  12. tsrwivey

    tsrwivey Supporting Member

    Goshengirl you are going to have me circling the Walmart like a buzzard waiting for the preps to arrive!!:woohoo:
  13. Woody

    Woody Woodchuck

    I have not been to WalMart for years but think a trip to at least scope out this particular situation is warranted. Thanks for the tip!!
  14. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    We have Super 1 in Montana but not those kind of deals! And I haven't seen dehydrated food at our Wal-mart yet. I'll have to keep an eye out. We're 60 miles from those stores, so we only go once a month or so, and sometimes less than that. And I usually get what I need and get out! :D

    A Dollar Tree just opened there last year, and I thought $1 a bag for 1-lb. bags of pinto beans was a good price! The grocery store was $1.39 when I looked a few months ago.
  15. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    This relates to two posts I read earlier...
    1) the 20 quart dry milk (Chinamart brand) has increased from $12- to $14- to $16- and now $19 here in just 6 months
    2) I also have noticed the shelves not full...I bought the only case of lima beans and left 3 cans on the what are the odds that lots of comsumers wanted lima beans that day???

    I buy lima beans when I can find them--for my veg soup--and usually chinamart doesn't have them.
    3) the shelfs are bare in some cases and selective in some cases.

    You won't find everything you're looking for at chinamart anymore.:scratch
  16. BillM

    BillM BillM

    Sigma six

    All grocerys opperate on the Japanise sigma six restocking system now. When you buy a can of beans the computerized register rings it up and automaticlly reorders that can of beans. Two days later it is back on the shelf. If a lot of people start prepping and buy out all the powdered milk, and a request is made for powdered milk , when that is entered in the computer it will automaticlly increase the stock of powdered milk. Therefor an increase of these type items on your grocery shelves , may indicate more preppers shopping there.

  17. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    Chinamart? Is that Wal-mart, aslo known as "Wallyworld", "the big W" and other local 'affectionate' nicknames? lol

    Our Wal-mart has holes up and down all the aisles. Often on a list of about 10 things almost half of those things will be out of stock when we shop. Plus they reduced the variety of what they stock.

    One store here recently had sugar on sale and we bought 40 lbs. In 4-lb. bags, and it was somewhat of a chore opening all those bags and pouring it in buckets! Oddly enough I can't remember the per-bag cost, but it was $18.80 for the 40 lbs. I don't feel like doing math right now... :D
  18. Emerald

    Emerald Well-Known Member

    Our big box store called meijer is having their 10 for $10 and the 11 free sale again this week and while there is not much I want they do have powdered sugar, brown sugar and ap flour for a buck each. Not the big bag but I think the one pound bags of sugars but the 5 pound of flour(it might only be a two pound bag, I can't remember now, but will check it out tomorrow) and while it is not necessary for survival I do like brown sugar on my oatmeal and powdered sugar is good for my fondant making for the birthday cakes. They also have oatmeal and instant grits(which are okay as I can't really get good grits here) and one pound bags of frozen veggies.
    I will check on the sugar tho and make sure that per oz it is better than the big packages tho-they kinda can stiff ya if you're not paying attention. I've seen the little ones on sale and for the amount and price if you buy two for $2 you ended up with the same amount of product that the bigger bag had for the price of $1.89.. Sure it is only a savings of .11¢ but that is still my .11¢. But then I've seen where the smaller bags were still a better buy.
    Like the bamboo clothespins- they had a big box of them 95pins for $3.49 but you could buy the small box of 50 for $1.49 each!:scratch Do they not realize that you can buy two boxes of 50 for $2.98 and get 100 pins and it is about .51¢ cheaper :nuts: they are nuts!
  19. Butterbean

    Butterbean Member

    I noticed that The Dollar Tree now has an Emergency Preparedness Section online and at the store. You can buy the stuff in case lots. On the National News tonight I heard them say that 2011 has already beat the record for $ damage caused by natural disasters. With the blizzard up here in January, the tornados, floods, wildfires etc. and we haven't even got to hurricane season. I suppose stores are stocking up on this stuff cause that's what's selling.

    Emergency preparedness at
  20. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    I just get the stockers to bring it to me by the case, they love it because it's less work for them :2thumb: