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    Hello to all,

    I just registered on this site and this is my first posting. Currently living up in Manitoba, Canada and it's bloody cold here right now (-43 C with the wind chill). Been here for 15 years ... came here from the east coast with the Army ... got medically released ... got married .. we both work and raise 2 small children, we get by with our incomes ... not rich and not poor either.

    About 6 years ago I got involved with the stockmarket and it became my new hobby but the more knowledgable I became about business and economies ... the more that I became concerned about the state of the world. I also watch alot of news and try to stay informed about world happenings and I dont know but ever since the global economic crash in 2008-2009, it really got me thinking ... playing out doomsday type scenarios in my head ... alot of what if's.
    More recently I have been really having this nagging feeling ...... I dont know if it's just a paranoid vibe ..... or a premonition or what .... but I just get the feeling like something really bad is coming . I have always been one to think & plan for the future i.e my kids, my retirement, saving financially but this is completely different ..... I have been thinking what if things really turn bad and society collapses? How can I be proactive and what steps can I take to ensure survivability of myself and my kids through such an event?

    Now I know there are certain events that I cannot plan for i.e. some kind of biblical apocalypse ... doesnt matter how reinforced my bunker is ..... it's not going to prevent that.
    But my biggest concern has been some kind of global melt down ...... governments collapse ..... food riots ... anarchy. So I have been giving serious consideration to moving out of the city to a secluded, rural location,
    ( it would be a longer commute into work but if the sh*t ever hits the fan it would be worth it ). Something with a good chunk of land to grow a sizeable garden, raise a cow or two and some chickens.
    And off in some remote corner of the property, I would like to excavate a large hole ( approx. 45 ' x 12 ' x 14 ') .
    Pour a concrete floor, gravel in corners for good drainage. Then have 2 x 40' foot shipping containers lowered in, side by side. Would have to insulate cuz it's damn cold here in the winters and damn hot here in the summers. I would cut some kind of hatchways so we could pass into each container. Cut a hole in the floor in one corner and drill some kind hole 50 ' down to be used as a crapper. I would have to have a couple of pipes / ducts leading to the surface for ventilation. I also read about creating electricity through exercise bicycles, an idea to investigate further.

    - Problem # 1: any kind of ventilation shaft coming out of the ground would alert marauders of your location so it would have to be camouflaged.

    - Problem # 2: any noise coming from these vents would compromise existance / location of your underground shelter.

    - Problem # 3 : If such a catastrophe involved NBC (Nuke, Biological, Chemical) , shelters ventilation would require installment of expensive , complicated air filtration exchange system.

    Once both containers were securely in place and stabilised, I would need to create some kind of hatchway leading to / from the outside world. Then coat all of containers exteriors with some kind of waterproof sealant and insulation foam spray before finally encasing both containers in approx. 6-12 inches of concrete and finally covering the hole back up with dirt and planting lots of grass etc. as concealment and make as inconspicuous as possible and then start adding 3-6 months worth of supplies. ( fill large storage tanks for water, non-perishable food, tools, axe, saw,warm clothing, lots of books, flashlights , batteries, board games, collapseable military cots, lots of vegetable seeds).
    And for hunting, self-defense purposes I would be sure to have a .22 semi-automatic rifle , 12 gauge pump shotgun, Enfield .303 and a pistol.

    I know that I'm looking at somewhere in the area of $50,000.00 to make this happen but ... when I start thinking / picturing my family starving or worse .... I think it would be money well spent.

    Sorry for typing out such a long winded story here but this is my idea please feel free to tell me what you think or any helpful suggestions, questions, comments, queries would be appreciated.
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    :welcome: to the forums!

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    :welcome: vaportrail.

    You're setting quite a goal for yourself, but doable if you have unlimited funds. We have folks that have built bunkers, grow large gardens and raise animals. Collectively, we here at PS probably have all the info you're looking for. However, might I suggest you take a step back and a deep breath. Read a LOT before you jump into a project of that size. Ensuring the continuity of you and your family is an admirable and worthy goal. That's what all of us here are doing. Grabbing a bucket of seeds and a handful of animals is all well and good but if you've never had a garden or raised animals you may end up being disappointed with the results as both have a rather steep learning curve.
    Take some time to read the wealth of information contained in these pages, then ask questions, and don't be afraid to resurrect old posts. That's why they are there. :wave:
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    Hello & :welcome:
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    Welcome to the forum from Texas I totally agree with Uncle Joe (WGT!)
    You can't pay for this kind of wisdom, however joining us here is a wonderful frist step. :wave:
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    Welcome, welcome. :wave:
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    Welcome to the forum.:wave: Sounds like you've thought about this a lot but I agree with Uncle Joe, take a breath, be sure you have the knowledge to use the things you purchase. I think your on the right track!!!
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    :welcome: Breath! :) That was quite a plan!
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    Thanks very much to UncleJoe and everyone else here for all of the "Greetings" to the Forum.

    And you guys are all absolutely correct that these are topics that I would totally have to do my homework on and educate myself (and family) about. But I am notorious for being too impulsive and jumping into situations head first without thinking .... sometimes things work out well and but I have also been bit on the *** too.
    But I do plan on researching all of the forums for any useful tidbits of information and make note of it. I do understand that this isn't something that's gonna happen overnight and will require a dump truck load of reading up and material to be learned.

    Another positive is that my household could stand a good lifestyle change .... raising some animals , learning to tend a garden , learning how to can vegetables etc. , etc. , etc. are all great ways to our asses off the couch and away from the video games.

    And although I dont have an "unlimited" budget to do this ..... I figure that the money I do spend on such a venture will be an investment into a great insurance policy and give me piece of mind knowing that ... should things ever turn sour .... at least my family will have some kind of chance .... better than none at all.

    O.k. ..... lets do this.
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    Welcome:welcome: vaportrail 25 from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.