Greetings from sunny and overcrowded Miami

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    Hello one and all! I'm a new member who is able to read the handwriting on the wall and figure that the Government isn't going to be able to do very much for us when the "fertilizer hits the ventilator". I currently live in Miami, Florida and can't wait to retire in another couple of years and move to Tennessee. All the politicians care about is getting re-elected instead of looking out for the welfare of the citizens. I am planning on getting a little house in a small Tennessee town and stocking up on food, water, etc. and look out for myself and community with the help of the good Lord Jesus. No, I am not some anti-government nutcase... I am a Government employee with almost 30 years of service who realizes that the problems heading our way are of a scope that is beyond the ability of the government alone to handle.
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    Hello & Welcome.:wave:

    crowds :eek: I hate a crowd.

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    WELCOME, :welcome:HarleyRider from a long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
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    :welcome: Enjoy the forum :wave:
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