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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tiedami, Feb 26, 2010.

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    I was introduced to this site by bunkerbob who i have known for a few years now, I have always been interested in wilderness survival and much of what I learned came from the Army. Recently however other things such as self sufficiency (growing your own food, living off the grid, etc...) have grown in interest for me. I think that we nowadays have become handicapped by our reliance on technology and are starting to loose what made this country great.....Self Reliance. When the SHTF no one is going to come to your door asking if they can help you out. So i look forward to becoming better prepared with all of you and hopefully i can learn some things from you all and I am always willing to help you guys in any way possible. BTW i took a tour of bunkerbob's spread yesterday and i hope i can be half as ready as that guy is lol
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    Well, now you know where to go when the :shtf:
    Ooops :ignore: sorry Bob.

    Oh Yeah Welcome to the forum. :wave:

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    Hello and Welcome

    :wave:Welcome to the forum
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    Hello and Welcome!:wave:

    Self Reliance - :2thumb:
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    WELCOME, :welcome:tiedami from a close long time preparer. Look forward to your replies and posts.
    And yes Unclejoe that is part our plan. He has a lot of fresh military experience and enthusiasm. He is being modest in his abilities and knowledge, he's presently going for his EMT license and fire sciences. Hopefully on to his paramedic license.
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    welcome tiedami, looking forward to your posts, I'm new at this so I'll probably learn more from you than you from me but it's all good!!!
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    Welcome to the group! :)