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Great water purifier

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I just wanted to pass on some information. I just purchased a Berkey water purifying system and I love it. I have been doing my homework and after about 6 months I decided to go with the Berkey system. I bought the crown which is stainless steel and has the ability to purify up to 24,000 gallons of water. I also did my homework on where to buy one and decided to buy from Home. I found this site to be very informative and they were very helpful. If you have ever considered the berkey you should check out this site. I hope this helps.
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yeah, Berkey is probably the best for the money of the larger filters, but I'm a Katadyn fan for the more portable models...

for emergencies the Aquamira Frontier (pro?) Personal Survival Water Filter Straw can be had for $10, fits in a shirt pocket, has a 2micron filter and is rated to filter 50 gallons (just think how much easier some of those 'survival' shows would be with one of those :) )
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