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Great tip followup

"All I do is run a credit check (Costs $35 from the major credit reporting companies) with just the name and street address, and they will give me your full & correct name, date of birth, social security number, drives license number, and in some cases, a list of your banks and credit cards, along with any mortgages and property you might own and if you are current or delinquent in your property taxes, yearly income and a break down of that income, earned or unearned, how may 1099's or W-4 forms you have on record, dependents, ect."

with your above comment, identity theft can be stopped cold by a credit freeze on the three credit companies. This varies by state on the cost, but minimal - free or $10. Log onto Clark Howard (consumer advocate) website - - and put "credit freeze" in the search field. He has links to all three credit companies. Thawing your freeze when you want is a little pain, but it sure is peace of mind knowing some creep can not get ahold of your personal information.
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