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    ISLAND IN THE SKY - got the title wrong on the header.

    This movie from the 1950s is based on a true story about a military transport plane which crashed in northern Canada after WWII. I first saw the movie as a naval aviation cadet and our Master Chief used it as a training aid for us to write down everything they did wrong and what you would do differently.

    In the movie the plane gets off course due to weather and primitive navigation methods, runs out of gas and lands on a frozen lake above the arctic circle. The movie is really pretty good, but anyone who has gone through military survival training can pick lots of nits on it.

    When I was a cadet I got the gold star by pointing out that when they knew they were lost and were going to run out of gas, that they descended below the soup to find a place to land instead of climbing to max altitude first and making a long MAYDAY transmission so that ground stations could get a fix on their position.

    The first thing were were taught if you screwed up was to CLIMB, CONFESS and COMMUNICATE. By waiting until after they had descended within sight of the ground before transmitting, they drastically reduced their radio range.

    Anyway, if you read the FAA flight safety pamphlet on land survival you will learn more tips. Norcal, September 1999

    More good stuff on the Best Glide web page
    Aviation and Wilderness Survival Information and Articles
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    "Island In The Sky", the 1953 Version
    (not the 1935 Version about gangsters and a falsely accused man)

    John Wayne, James Arness (Gunsmoke),

    A cargo plane goes down in Labrador on the tundra and his former military buddies pull out all the stops to find him.
    Pretty good movie (but I'm bias to anything the Duke did!)

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    ...having grown up around and in airplanes, I have a special fondness for movies like the one mentioned above...I also like the original "Flight of the Phoenix" w/Jimmy Stew et al...

    ...Red Dawn rarely gets by me though as a survival movie, must have watched it a dozen times...