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Spent the end of last week staying with my folks and going to The Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. I've been going for 5 or 6 six years now, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I've always enjoyed seeing thousands of homeschoolers, but this year it was really, truly PACKED! To the point that some workshops were beyond standing-room-only, and the curriculum booths were so crowded it was hard to view the products or talk to the vendors.

I have no idea what the attendance numbers were. On a couple of occasions I heard that so many new homeschoolers at the convention were there because Common Core had put them over the edge, and they were finding so much support and resources for homeschooling that is wasn't scary anymore.

Looking ahead, I don't know how this convention can expand to accommodate the increase in attendance. It's already a huge convention center, and they already utilize nearby hotels for additional seminar locations - where else are they going to go?

Anyone else go to the convention, or enjoy going to conventions? I always find it to be one of the most exhausting weekends, and one of the most uplifting weekends at the same time.
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