Government Shut Down

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    If government shuts down, so would troop pay - Marine Corps News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Marine Corps Times

    I am 99.99% sure this is not going to happen, but the fact that its even an idea gets my feathers all ruffled up. Dont pay the military one week and see the results of wide spread panic, looting, rioting and armed robbery. Too many people live pay check to pay check to be able to survive 1 pay period with out money. Personally, I would just sit back and watch as the trains run off their tracks with a hot MRE in my hand and an M-16 in the other.
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    This is happening in some states. The state, county and city governments are running out of money so they start by letting the employees go. Regardless of what the news media says there aren't enough jobs to take care of all these people. And true the majority of workers live paycheck to paycheck and beyond. It seems only our federal government has the luxury of keeping the wheels turning without money.

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    No, the government will not shut down, things will go on as always, this has happened before back in the 90s. It's just party propaganda when the start crying government shutdown depending on which party is in charge, it works both ways