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I've had my garage prepped to act as a Fallout Shelter for many years. Walking into my garage, one would think it's a typical overflowing garage.

In about 6-12 hours, I can shift some things into the house, throw a bunch of stuff out to the curb, have both garage doors and windows sealed, have a filtered air supply system (with electric fan and manual power) installed, CO2 removal piping installed, run antenna wires, set up beds from the house, have a passive communications station set up, kitchen and bathroom set up, and have a food and water supply ready.

The real secret is not to be in a target area. The problem with a Nuke Bomb Shelter is primarily the air supply. One can bring in filtered air but that air maybe at a temperature of 3,000 - 5,000 degrees F. Outside of the Target Area, the air temp will be normal and any protection is better than no protection.

I suggest everyone read "Nuclear War Survival Skills" and make their own plans.
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