Got interviewed by local ABC affiliate today

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  1. Jezcruzen

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    Local sweet looking (thats not PC, is it? Good!) reporter came down to our weekly support the troops rally today. She wanted to video some vets over the most recent taliban peed on video. So, I obliged.

    I gave her an ear full. I doubt it will be aired. With all the bleeps they will have to do, it probably wouldn't make sense, anyway. :cool:

    I am outraged over Hillary being outraged!

    Semper Fi
  2. AKPrepper

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    I guess the liberal media has forgotten about those innocents that had their heads sawed off with a knife, or our boys bodies being hung from a bridge, or having their burnt dead bodies drug through the streets... I don't recall anyone being "outraged" over those atrocities. Where's the congressional hearings, the call for discipline, or the need for a court marshal. I never did see any of that when those rag heads (not P.C. either....oh well) desecrated the bodies of our servicemen. So you'll just have to forgive me if I don't give a sh@# because some of our guys took a leak on a dead terrorist. This country's priorities have gone to hell in a handbasket. November can't come soon enough so we can vote these idiots out of office and restore the values that made this country great!

  3. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    Way to go, Jez! :congrat:

    AK, I love your speech too! :D

    I'm sick of the PC stuff, the butt-kissing on the terrorists and Muslim nations, and the liberal media. I'm proud of you guys for standing up and saying PISS OFF!

  4. Bigdog57

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    AKP - RIGHT ON! Nobody got 'offended' when all that happened to OUR people - except us. But then, in this misadministration's eyes, WE are the terrorists. I personally believe the head Terrorist resides at the Whitehouse, and the media are his own OWNED propaganda organs.
    So a few soldiers had a sudden lack of foresight allowing themselves to be videoed expressing their views of the enemy - worse has happened on both sides, that is WAR.
  5. Immolatus

    Immolatus Just getting started. Always.

    I dont really want to broach this goes...

    I dont really care about the actual incident one way or another. Boys will be boys, whatever. They are fighting a war, even if I dont agree with it.
    As long as noone who defends them for what they did ever tries to pretend that we are somehow morally better than 'them'.
    You have to admit that urinating on a dead body is pretty disturbing. If we saw this under any other circumstance, I think that everyone would be in agreement in saying that these people are at the very least a little twisted, no?
    I think it would be called 'extenuating circumstances' in a court of law.
  6. Tweto

    Tweto I love the smell of Argon in the morning

    As long as they're killing the enemy, I don't care what they're doing with the body. When did we get so soft? War is hell! :mad:

    If I was incharge no country or terrorist group would screw with us.:eek::usaflag:
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  7. Jezcruzen

    Jezcruzen Well-Known Member

    Don't you imagine that anyone who has been in actual combat day after day for months on end, sometimes multiple deployments, would come out a bit "twisted"? Hillary Clinton doesn't give a rat's a** about those dead taliban fighters. This is all for show.

    I agree with you about this "war". We did what we needed to do in the first six months.
  8. Frugal_Farmers

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    Right, wrong or indiffernt, these *******es recorded it and will now pay the piper.
  9. jungatheart

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    So we CAN blow them into little pieces, burn them to death, bury them alive with a bomb, shoot them, stab them, strangle them, and starve them but we CAN'T piss on them?

    If we have so much respect for them that pissing on them is bad, why are we trying to kill them?
  10. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    :congrat: hear, hear!
  11. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    I'm going to take the other side on this.

    Yes, what they did is wrong. You can argue about what they do to us "beheading, stringing up, etc." but the point is we are not them. We should be putting forth the better example. If we stoop to the same level then, at the very least, we lose the moral high ground if not worse.

    Our military is well trained and is supposed to be filled with honorable people. We're not the taliban. We're not alqeada. We don't have you run an obstacle course, get handed an AK (or strap on bomb) and told "Your hired". Instead we have a lengthy training program to make sure our military is the best and their conduct should reflect this. Sure it's war and there is bombing and killing and worse, but when that part is finished, take the moral high ground, don't show the disrespect that those we are fighting against practice.
  12. Jezcruzen

    Jezcruzen Well-Known Member

    To say that we would be "stooping" to their level implies that we are acting from a superior position. We are not.

    Their belief system is a lot different from ours. We look down on it, but it is their culture. It is all that they know. All they have ever been taught. All that they have ever believed. The tribal system and islam is all that has kept this culture together for a long, long time. Its not right for us, and it doesn't fit our culture. But its how they choose to live. In Afghanistan a man has two choices to earn a living - grow poppies or join with a warlord and become a fighter.

    If I were a Pashtun and my villiage/tribe/family were constantly being targeted with drones or trespassed on by a foreign "invader", I would fight as well. Imagine how we each would feel watching blue-helmeted UN troops patrolling through out towns and cities and killing our "patriots" who were fighting for us.

    Those Marines did a stupid thing... they videoed it. Now the system will chew them up for political reasons. That, to me, is what makes me angry. There stands that Clinton woman, as corrupt as her husband, and Leon Ponetta feigning "outrage". We know its all for show. But for them to succeed in this act of theirs, these four kids will be sacrificed and ruined. I have a problem with that.
  13. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    Completely agree. If they could have covered this over without the public finding out they would have. Since they couldn't they all have to act shocked and appalled now to save their own rears.
  14. mosquitomountainman

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    I always kinda' wondered where the outrage was when FBI agents dropped their drawers and mooned the Branch Davidians in the days before they burned them to death. Didn't hear Hillary, Bill, Janet or anyone else in the Clinton Whitehouse expressing outrage about that. But then that was done to US citizens. Seems our views, culture, religion, etc. isn't due the same respect as those from Islamic countries.