Got a new addition.

Discussion in 'Communications' started by tyler_kd0bsa, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. tyler_kd0bsa

    tyler_kd0bsa Well-Known Member

    I helped a fellow ham take down a roof mount tower today along with antennas. When we got done he told me that I could take one of the antennas he had. I later looked it up and its a tgm communications MQ-1. It covers 10 15 and 20 meters. And all it needs is cleaned up. Needless to say I'm happy about adding a new antenna to my collection.
  2. goshengirl

    goshengirl Supporting Member

    Gotta love a win-win! That's a great new addition.

  3. MrSfstk8d

    MrSfstk8d Well-Known Member

    Nice. Wish I'd have been able to get some of my Dad's rig when he died, but I was still Active Duty, and had no place to put it. So much of that stuff were things we'd made together too. Sigh...

    Great job, Tyler.
  4. Janneti

    Janneti New Member

    Its a win win addition and really great to have it added by you. And sometimes it happens that we look for new things and it really gives benefit.