Goodbye Puppy

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  1. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    My heart is breaking. Wife hates the puppy. She is well behaved, trained now and beautiful. Wife hates her. I dont get it. Ive got about 5k in this dog. Purchase price, vet bills, 2 week basic training with a good trainer, etc. Plans to train her as a bloodtracker. A breed I am familiar with and love. Lots of emotional investment and time/effort. Wife hates it.

    Found her a good home with a friend that lives on a farm and hunts regularly. He will treat her right.

    My wife better be glad I love her so much. It was close. Closer than Ill ever let her know. I get really attached to my animal family.

    Just plain sucks. Im going hunting after tomorrow. Catch you guys in a few days.
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  2. RedBeard

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  3. phideaux

    phideaux Dogs breath Staff Member

    Thats hard to do, when you REALLY like them ,

    I just gave away my little Bagle this week,
    Friends, 10 yr old kid, lost their Beagle, so I let him have my Bagle ..made him happy.

    Helped us , as we are having so many health problems, we were not giving her the attention she needed.

    Its tough .

  4. sewingcreations15

    sewingcreations15 Hard working Aussie

    Sorry to hear about the dog @CrackbottomLouis and the Beagle too @phideaux.

    We are attached to our animals too and they are like children in our family. The newly acquired adopted us cat is spoilt rotten.
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  5. bugoutbob

    bugoutbob Work in progress

    Man it is always a heartbreaker to give up or lose a dog.
  6. ssonb

    ssonb Well-Known Member

    Sorry man, RRBs are an energetic breed when they are young but of course and intelligent working breed is. My brother in law got a Boykin terrier and it has caused a lot of family problems even with training his dog just now has settled down, It sometimes takes a couple of years or more.
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  7. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    She settled down well for a puppy. Especially a Rhoadie. Wife has always had older rescue dogs. Guess the initial puppy shock left a taste in her mouth she couldnt get rid of. Shame. She would have been a real asset in a bad situation with the proper training.
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  8. RedBeard

    RedBeard aka. Red the Butcher

    You are a good husband. I love my wife to death, but she would never ask that of me because she feels the same way i do about our animals. Well that and she wouldn't like the answer
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  9. Danil54

    Danil54 Well-Known Member

    So sorry. . . I feel the same way about my critters. Thought hunny and I would divorce after he sold all my donkeys, but I still love him. Its hard when you put in that much time, effort and love to watch them going away. I'm glad the pup went to a friend so you can at least visit.
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  10. tortminder

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    My ex-wife ran away with my best friend and my dog... I sure do miss that dog!
    Sorry for your situation OP.
  11. crabapple

    crabapple I sold my soul to the internet

    I did not like the puppy my wife got the kids, no one trained her & she learned on her own to poop on the tile floor of the bathroom instead of the carpet.
    I put up with it & watered her when the family was away & she was home with me, because their happiness is important to me.
    My daughter has the dog with her now & I only see the dog now & then.
    Sorry it did not work out for you?
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  12. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    If my husband of 43 years spent $5000 on an animal??
    He'd be the one looking for a new home!!!;)
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  13. RedBeard

    RedBeard aka. Red the Butcher

    I spent 1800 on my alano espanol. Got 2000 into a dog that hasn't even been conceived yet. Only 300 bucks for my chow mix. Im sure i will spend alot more in the future. Im very particular about my dogs and the lines they come from. I have very little use for akc dogs. They have ruined multiple breeds.
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  14. Sentry18

    Sentry18 Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear this CBL. A tough situation but one you handled the right way. Wife and her feelings have to be your priority, even if you (and I) don't understand exactly why she feels the way she does.

    On an unrelated note, our Rotties ran approx. $2,500 each but we get the repeat customer discount.
  15. Starcreek

    Starcreek Here a while

    My goodness.... and I thought spending $750 on an Anatolian Shepherd (+$250 air fare to ship her in) was an astronomical amount! I'm sitting in the cheap seats!

    Sorry to hear about it, CrackbottomLouis. Try to forgive and forget.
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  16. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    The 5k was not purchase price alone. Included vet bills and 2 weeks of basic obedience bootcamp at a quality trainer.
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  17. AmishHeart

    AmishHeart Well-Known Member

    Hmmm....husband knows when we are getting rid of animals at our place means that I am butchering them.
    Never got rid of a dog, though, although we have a very insanely focused (not in a good way) blue heeler that annoys me. Our other two do fine, it's just the one. He's getting kinda old, so he stays.
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  18. CrackbottomLouis

    CrackbottomLouis Winston Smith Sent Me

    Yeah. This is difficult for me. But I love my wife and its a no win situation for me. Id be hearing about her for the rest of my life. Still breaks my heart though.
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  19. backlash

    backlash Well-Known Member

    I spent $900 on a stray cat.
    She lives indoors now but when we found her she was a stray kitten.
    I knew of a medical center that did MRI scans on dogs.
    Those scans cost more than people scans and there was no insurance and they had to pay in advance.
    They had a waiting list.
    People spend an enormous amount on pets and think they are worth it.
    $5000 for a working dog is not out of line if you have the money.
  20. bbqjoe

    bbqjoe Void where Prohibited

    The choice between a faithful dog and a woman better not ever be something I need to face.
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