GOOD NEWS for american auto makers

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  1. kbamvakais

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    so by now im sure your all aware of the recall involving toyota's, well this morning i logged on to yahoo to check my maile and read some news and apparently toyota has been BUSTED. According to an internal doc. that was leaked toyota was boasting about saving 100mil + by avoiding recall early on and mad a deal with the U.S. government for a limited recall on the floor mat problem. so is it just me or can everyone else see the other auto makers going :woohoo: in there offices, ecpecially the US makers, i think this is it for toyota to rebound from this will take years and gaining back costmers will be very difficult now that ford and GM have some excellent models out and coming.

    and for those wondering why im keeping up with this story, im in the car business.

    GM :woohoo:
    Ford :woohoo:
    Honda :woohoo:
    KIA :woohoo:
    Hyundai :woohoo: :woohoo: ( i think they have the most to gain from all this)

    TOYOTA :(
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    Why is the Japanese company in trouble now?.....simple.......Nippon told the US to get alltogether the hell out and the US is paying back the favor.

    My 1991 Toy still drives like new and has never seen the inside of a mechanics shop.

    "Toyota = buy it today, drive it tomorrow"... Ponce

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    I own 2 pre-1997 Toyota's they are still going strong. The 2008 Tundra that I purchased a few years back was a POS. I was able to force the dealer to take it back. Toyota is IMO just not building that good of a car anymore!
  4. sailaway

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    I will push my Jeep before I drive a rice burner!:D
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    Toyota went to crap when they started assembling cars in the USA :p:p

    The big three's main problem are union driven the link below. it's a 2007 UAW overview of a new ford contract in it they acknowledge ford loosing market share 10 % in 4 years and lost $12.6 billion in 2006 whats the union to do ..push for more!

    -1,500 new jobs to UAW Ford facilities, and an agreement to evaluate 1,700 additional jobs for in-sourcing AND 28.6 billion in employee benefits.

    similar issues exist in upper management huge payouts little value

    Ford is in the best finical position of the big three.....hand writings on the wall

    UAW Ford Bargainers Preserve Jobs, Protect Wages and Benefits - UAW/Ford Hourly Contract 2007
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    I will be interested in seeing what Toyota does but never underestimate America's ability to forget things when confronted with good prices. If Toyota drops the price on their cars and fixes the problems there having, America won't care. Maybe I'm wrong?
  7. pdx210

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    i think your right,..If they drop prices they will make it up some where on the back end like interest rate a good marketing campaign make people forget.
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    I think the big 3's problems are both mgmt. and union driven, they have never worked together to compete against the world and keep or gain mkt. share. In the early 80's the gubbamint put a $500.00 tarrif on the jap mini trucks to help the big 3 compete, all they did was raise the prices of s10's and rangers $500.00.
    My brother in law retired from maint. at delphi, he was union and both sides hated to see him comming. He truly wanted to make a difference for the country. After negociations America would see the new autoworker contract with all both sides had given up, but never showed the footnotes of the contract where they took it all back and nothing ever changed. He always argued with them to make the changes which never happened so here we are today.
  9. Ponce

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    I am almosts 70 and every cotton picking US car that I ever owned dind't last me no more than three years before something big went wrong with it...

    This is my second Toy in 30 years and only cars........that's pretty darn good.

    By the way Dean........Toy cars made in the US are crap.......I would never buy one made here.
  10. allen_idaho

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    Ford did the exact same thing in the 1970's with the Pinto. They knew it had major flaws. But they released it anyway. Why? Because it was cheaper to do so.

    Then an internal document gets leaked. And Ford gets slapped on the wrist. Do you know what changed after that? Me neither.

    Do you know what will change at Toyota after this recall? Absolutely nothing.