Goat Milk Recipes Needed! Or ideas

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  1. My goat finally had a kid and now I am making cheese and all types of fun stuff. However, I have found that a lot of the recipes out there take a lot of time.
    I have been using the quick cheese recipes with lemon and vinegar and they are all yummy but I would like to see if any of my fellow homesteaders and preppers have some fun ideas to share.
    I also only have one goat that is milking and I only get about a quart a day until we get rolling. (Week one lol). Thank you!!!
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    Oh goodness so many things. cottage cheese, yogurt, soap. we are getting 1.5 gallons a day from our 3 girls milking once a day.
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  3. That’s fantastic!!! I have been having a good time with it. Lots of cheeses and the fresh milk is to die for! Why I never had goats before, I’ll never know. Food and fabulous friends IMG_8949.jpg
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