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    This came from rawles site.....

    The Most Important Story the MSM, Fox News, Glenn Beck and Others Will Not Cover
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    by John Galt

    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    During all of the confusion and turmoil erupting inside the United States with the debate over so-called “health care reform” events around our nation and world wide continue to move forward. A small news story in Europe though caught my attention and sent up the warning signal, or flare of fire into the night sky, that every one of my readers had best pay attention to.

    Of call places, it was Agence-Presse Francais (AFP) who posted the story innocently enough on a Saturday afternoon and I found it in The Australian while reading their Sunday business section last night. The headline sounds logical enough as does the reasoning behind the taxation proposals:

    Greece targets church in massive tax grab
    The story provides a road map for America’s socialist future. Let’s review the highlights from this story:

    1. A new draft bill to be tabled in parliament next week imposes a 20 per cent tax on the Orthodox church’s real estate income, reportedly worth over 10 million euros ($14.8 million) a year.

    In the United States, this will be used to attack the large, organized churches, especially those institutions involved in political activities. This process was used in Mussolini’s Italy with the alliance with the Vatican to eradicate or force underground any competition to the Catholic Church. The same happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Poland, etc. throughout history. The United States will be the model to seize and tax the assets of those churches which do not conform to the nationalist ideology of Marxist theology and to silence the opposition of groups like the Christian Coalition, etc. The reply you will here is “it can’t happen here” but we all now know better.

    2. It also outlaws all business transactions of more than 1500 euros ($2220) conducted in cash, prescribing instead the use of credit cards and urging consumers to collect receipts in an effort to stamp out tax evasion that costs the state an estimated 10 billion euros ($14.8 billion) a year.

    The I.R.S. will insist and win via pressures on our bond market and stagnant economy that they need the ability to restrict the use of cash in business transactions. As I have said on these pages throughout the years and many other there is a drive to move our economic model to a cashless society and this will be the next to the last final step in doing so. The introduction of the EBT benefit cards was to condition the lower economic class to the idea of a cashless society and it has been a resounding success, as it has been renamed from the stigmatic “Food Stamp” program to the catchier, less demeaning “SNAP” benefit system. The psychological modeling was completed when we saw rappers and singers dancing through coffee shops and nurseries on our television screens swiping their VISA cards to conduct business in a rapid manner. Anyone who has stood in line behind a stoner or 86 year old knows that the VISA commercial is complete and utter nonsense. As the idea of reducing the size of cash transactions expands, American society will rapidly become acclimated to the banning of cash and financial privacy which ultimately will lead to cash transactions being limited to $20 or less in the long run.

    Got Gold or Silver?

    3. It also introduces income checks for owners of yachts, private planes and jets, swimming pools and other luxury items.

    Which will soon lead to income checks for you and I when we attempt to buy a surround sound system, laptop, cell phone or new vehicle. “But that only applies to the super rich and in many cases that includes drug dealers,” will be the retort of the average sheeple. And as the price drops as to what requires income verification and ultimately permission from the I.R.S. the conditioning program will be complete. Any purchase made for more than $300 to $500 will end up requiring a bureaucrat or computer program to validate that you are current on your taxes and that all preconditions for ownership have been met.

    Gee, most firearms are $300-$500. Interesting how that would impact our freedoms, isn’t it?

    This story is huge. It is not big because of the “where” of the story but the meat of it. If anyone of my readers thinks this will not happen here, you are not paying attention. The history of what has happened in the world dictates that a desperate society requires drastic courses of action. The fact that our society is bankrupt, morally and financially, puts the United States on the glide path for these draconian impositions to become reality.
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    Wow ...

    I honestly don't know what else can be said about this, but, I will keep the information in the back of my mind.

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    I appreciate the heads up. I have for some time followed the direction America is moving, hence I am here.
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    :gaah:It just keeps getting worser and worser, I wonder if the IRS will start charging us for our spelling errors next
    Sometimes I just get completely amazed at what 2 or more people can think up. What is it the more educated you are the dumber you get or what? Don't get me wrong I have a college degree but what is it with people in DC, they are literally killing our nation.
    And whoever decided that federal judges be on the bench for a lifetime really screwed us royally:soapboxrant:
    Alright I'll quit ranting now:gaah:
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    wow this sounds pretty radical, but since when did Greece's politics dictate America's politics? If anything their current economic blundering is threatening to get them kicked of the EU, and I doubt our strategists will be copying their model

    also, no offensive, but as a writer [email protected]'s "worser and worser" ;)
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    I don't believe it "dictates" American policy but what it could do is plant a seed in some politicians head. With the .gov being broke, some young upstart could take that seed, nurture it, and slowly sell it to the veterans in congress as a previously untapped income source to help reduce the bubble that they call a budget. Imagine what it would amount to if churches were taxed at even 1% of their income; like the personal income tax used to be when it was first enacted.
    There is plenty of legislation today that would have been unthinkable to people just 100 years ago. If we think "it can't happen here", we really need to open our eyes a little wider. Almost anything is possible. :(
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    @UncleJoe, I'm not denying that something could happen in the future, I just don't think the likelihood of government taxing religious organizations is very plausible.

    Let's look at the facts. It would take a non-religious congressman to propose such a tax, since this tax would inevitably be tolled on their own church-of-choice. Peter Stark is the first, and so far only, openly atheist serving congressmen, and he'd have a hell of a hard time convince 534 other congressmen that this is important. Now barring any major social upheaval (rapture) I doubt there will be a majority of atheists in congress anytime in our near future.

    But then here's a very well thought out website proposing this very idea
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    I'm not affiliated with any church but it seems to me that the guvmint would be picking a nasty fight if it started messing with churches. The chruches-as organized groups, not individual congregations-have some real horsepower behind them and I have no doubt that they could unseat an elected official who'd even dare attempt to legislate something like that. I don't see that as being a realistic idea at all. Just my 2 cents though.
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    I think many Americans would be up in arms if the govt. picked a fight with churches.
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    I'm with kogneto on this one. For us to reach that point it would mean that the government would have to stop sidestepping, twisting and evading the words of the Constitution and do away with it entirely.

    I am prone to a bit of "what if" mentality, but this is, shall we say "extreme?"
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    What was tin foil hat speculation 5 years ago is now history.

    Devalueation of the dollar (and all foreign currency reserves held in dollars) is just after '10 elections. 2011 is gonna *suck*.

    I intend to buy my family clothing, dental work, glasses, and computer equipment before Jan. 1.

    Reloading kit, ammo, & firearms are covered already, genny & food likewise.

    Get your kiddies off the street, cause next years quality of life depends on this years preps. Hysteria isn't helpful.
  13. kogneto

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    currency devaluation is something that I wouldn't classify under "tin foil hat speculation" because the very nature of currency is that it fluctuates.
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    I'm with MS on this one, thing's that were "never going to happen" just a few years ago are history, if you have the money right now to buy things that will go fast and most likely disappear in the future do so.

    I'm amazed that right before Oblome was elected the rush for weapons went crazy, powder and primers were all but extinct then it settled down and people went back to slow gear.

    This is just the eye of the storm and people best know it, I already had more loading supplies then I'll ever use but worthless money in the bank is just that , worthless... things that people like us can use and will need should be grabbed right now..

    I'm only surprised that buried in the Health care bill there isn't a gun ban, hell maybe there is, after all who's read it? who's even seen it?

    The Dim-O-Craps just showed they can and will do whatever they want and to hell with "we the people"...

    Well I'm off to buy more heavy duty tin foil and ...:beercheer:
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    I know this is a divergence off the main topic but this talk scares me. Do you actually believe our elected officials voted on the Health Care Bill without reading it? Without scrutinizing every method to include pork or benefits for their state? I'm sure I'll get quoted a dozen times, but the FOX has you believing their lies, wake up and think.
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    I keep very little money in the bank; just enough to pay the bills and have a small cushion. If it gets over $2000, I invest in more preps.

    Hey, I'm just doing my part to stimulate the economy. :rolleyes:
  17. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    Yes. We had a "town hall" type meeting over a bill sponsored by a senator from our state. My wife had actually read the bill and studied it. She had some questions regarding issues in the bill and they didn't have a clue! It was mostly written by people in a committee and glanced over by the senator's staff. In the end it was nothing but a dog and pony show anyway. Nothing was changed in the bill as a result of public input.

    A lot of these bills are written by committees made up of lobbyists and other concerned individuals/groups. I'd be willing to bet that not 10 percent of the congress critters have read the entire final version of the bill. They depend heavily upon input from special interest groups to point out problems with a bill.

    And, no, I don't listen/watch FOX news or listen to talk radio.
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    I'll be the second to quote you..... :D...

    The Lady of the Manor, aka the Queen of the Universe , she who rules my every thought...( uh huh...) has a daughter who is just about the senior staffer for a Conservative Senator, she say's the Senators never read bills, their staff do it and mostly tell the Senator how he or she should vote based on their political base....

    they decide to have an idea or thought that they would like to put up as a bill, the staff write it and give a brief of it, then the boss signs off on it and it goes to the floor where he or she put it into the process ,

    that's how it's done, and no one person would sit down and wade thru several thousand pages of dreak , look at NAFTA, what? it weighed over 40 or so pounds.. they didn't read it, they voted the way they did because it was best for them...they sell out to the highest bidder..always.. with maybe the only exception being Ron Paul...

    Our so called leaders couldn't lead a thirsty horse to water, much less a nation, why do you think we are in the shape we are in?...

    I've said for many years that the first Amendment should have been that at no time ever could a Lawyer or Banker hold public office...

    Ok , I'm done...:soapbox1:
  19. kogneto

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  20. HozayBuck

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    Well since I've never seen the movie I don't know if that was good or bad....but come on now, you can not believe "ANY" of them read the bills they vote on and they sure don't write them...when? where? they sure don't read it on the floor, nor do they stay awake till 0300 every night reading it..they all have hired staff that do it....regardless of which party they belong to and the hired staff reflect the leanings of the boss...

    If your a gun owner, look back at the dead at last AWB, they not only didn't read the bill, it was written by people who had no idea of the difference between an AR or an AK... or a revolver or an automatic pistol , most think an AR or AK is a machinegun and voted thinking that...

    Or that just putting a scope on a rifle makes it a "Sniper" weapon... I'm sorry man but they politicians and that places them beneath whale crap on the ocean floor... most ar Lawyers who couldn't make it working as Lawyers...

    Sorry, I'm getting all fired up...guess we can just disagree and leave it...