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    This is a question for those of you rural dwellers. Under what conditions would you consider an advance agreement to allow a city dweller access to your BO location? I am a city dweller and do not yet have a BO location. I also am interested in multiple BO locations. For example, I live in Houston TX and would like a secondary BO location within reasonable distance from my home of under 150 miles. This would allow me to relocate via foot, bicycle, even if we had some sort of massive EMP event. I would also like a primary BO location in a more remote area such as the Rocky Mountains. Is it reasonable to assume that if I found a like minded individual that I could develop a relationship with him/her that they would then allow me to use their BO location. In exchange I would provide security, supplies if transport allowed, or skills I may have to learn to make myself marketable. I am not getting out of the city anytime soon so I need a strategy to either buy a BO location or locations or try this sharing strategy. BTW, not trying to set the city folks against the country folks but trying to understand the issues and fears of both sides. Thanks!
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    non what so ever, you give one person the location and you may as well put up sign because one will tell another or bring that certian someone with them and the person will tell their best friend.

    Everyone has close relatives that they're not going to see set on the outside begging for food or shelter.Even close friends have mothers,fathers, sibblings who also have friends.
    Once 2 people know something, it isn't a secrete anymore. PS, I'm not bugging out but i would welcome my brothers or sisters here, but they better not bring any of their wives relatives or they would all have to hit the road. I'm prepped pretty good, but not the welfare office or the food bank and i not would take in any extras thinking that we'll make it til another crop grows, i'm not a gambler.
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  3. ZoomZoom

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    I've consider it and have discussed it with some that expressed an interest.

    My terms would be something like:
    - The stronger your skills, the higher your likelihood of us working something out. Financial capabilities are also considered. (E.g. If you're not a doctor but have a decent amount of cash to spend on provisions, you've provided a benefit and therefore rate highly. Please note that if you don't have specific skills, you'll be utilized as a common laborer).
    - Only the person(s) agreed upon beforehand are allowed admittance.
    - You're provisions are already at my location before you come. The person can bring them or they can send payment and I'll get them and return a receipt to prove purchase. For their comfort, they can inspect to insure there "stuff" is there at any time (or I can send pics).
    - It's not a democracy. It's more of a hierarchical monarchy. The better prepared you are and the more you offer, the higher up the chain you are.
    - I will always have some collateral or protection to assure you play nice. If you don't play nice, you're shown the door. If you try to stage a coup or otherwise take my stuff or hurt my family... well, let's just say, don't try it.
    - If your provisions run out, you go scavenging. If you still can't sustain yourself and your other offerings (e.g. skillset) isn't enough to warrant your stay, again... the door.
    - There would most likely be a monetary consideration involved as well. This would cover communal items (fuel, lanterns, generators...) that you would receive the benefit from but wouldn't necessarily buy yourself. You may also be expected to provide a non-refundable deposit. I'm not storing your stuff nor reserving you a place for free.
    - If you opt-out, you'll get your "stuff" back, minus what's referenced in the previous item.
  4. The_Blob

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    well, if they're going to be THAT prepared, zoom, it's just a small step for them to make/buy their own BOL... of course THAT solves the problem too ;)
  5. ZoomZoom

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    Agreed. Maybe I over do it but my location is pretty secure so I get a lot of requests.
  6. Woody

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    If I knew the person and it was clear that only an agreed on amount of folks they would be able to bring, I would have no problems with it. As long as they did arrive with enough supplies to carry them through. How much would this be? Really hard to say but I would put it at what my goal was. One year without having to go out for anything, to a store anyway.

    I would also be agreeable to having them store their supplies at my place. If their accommodations would not allow or they would have no way to transport them. Heck, they could have them delivered to my home also. I would not care as long as they do come prepared!

    I would welcome the extra hands to do chores and to take shifts keeping watch for looters if need be. I guess I could easily accommodate 4 others comfortably if I had to. I would not want a huge crowd that would attract too much attention. If someone I made this arrangement came by but was not able to bring any supplies... Hrmm… I’d most likely let them stay for a day or two and help them think of alternatives. I would also set them up with enough supplies to get to where they had to. It would be a tough decision though and I also might let them stay, depending on what they bring to the table. If we could work out a way to keep everyone fed and happy I’d be willing to work with them.
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    If someone who is a friend of mine before TEOTWAWKI calls me up in a panic when TSHTF, I would not turn him/her away, because, although that person may not have a lot in the way of preparations, he/she does have quite a bit to offer - character, strength of numbers, labor, another set of eyes, another person to stay up on watch, likemindedness in some ways (or he would not be a friend to start with) and companionship.

    Besides the obvious needs of water, food, warmth and security, there is the mental and psychological well being of having other people in your camp, working together, watching each others' backs, carrying the same load, building the same character in our children, and so many other intangibles. I would sacrifice some food early to have another guy and his family helping me grow food, retrieve water, hunt, build, provide security and just plain hang out with. If he/she brings more than basic skills, all the more.

    Someone who comes to me who is not a friend ahead of time would require a heck of a long time to build that kind of trust, so unless they showed up with a lot to offer, it's not real likely I'd open shop for them.
  8. The_Blob

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    that echos my sentiments somewhat, thunderdan... something I always tell people is that maybe you should be friends/comrades with people before being 'prep-buddies', that way the social ties, both ways, and the need for group-survival are much stronger than just the need for individual survival. just my $0.02
  9. UncleJoe

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    With only 2 of us here, I lean towards accepting a few others. However, I also lean towards bc's point of view. I would not welcome total strangers but would consider folks I know that have something beneficial to offer.
    We have a couple that we socialize with. Mr. is a doctor. They are the epitome of sheeple, although I have made some headway into opening their eyes as to the state of the country and how quickly it could degrade. Mrs. has recently even made some comments about learning to shoot. We haven't followed up yet but we will.
    Point is, if they are willing to learn, and contribute to the work required to keep things running, they would be welcome.
  10. SurvivalNut

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    I have a 5 acre parcel about 15 minutes away that I have some stealth improvements on. In a SHTF situation it is really too far away to do me any good if transportation tanks.

    In that light I plan to use it as an alternate location and have some roughed in agreements with other people to use as an alternate BOL. If their location goes down, they have a place to go which is not in my backyard. It keeps the place guarded and improved. Likewise they afford me the same courtesy in their home location if my 2 locations go down.

    My primary location will fill up fast, so having another pig trough to send the loved one's riff raff off to makes a happy camp at home.
  11. gypsysue

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    We read a book that Hozay mailed to us, called "The World Ends in Hickory Hollow", about a family that becomes a group of people, post-nukes, working together for survival. One of the women they took in betrayed them. She scoped out their operation and supplies, then told a goup of "bad guys" (don't know what else to call them), and they were raided and had quite a battle to defend their place.

    Be careful who you trust.

    I wish we could trust a hard-working, non-threatening person/people who might stumble out of the forest onto our remote homestead... But with our lives, our kids and our grandkids' lives at stake...dunno.
  12. mosquitomountainman

    mosquitomountainman I invented the internet. :rofl:

    There'd have to be arrangements made in advance and a person would have to be an asset to the group ... not just another dependant.
  13. Clarice

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    Amen to that Mosquitomountainman, no freeloaders.
  14. jkbrown_us

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    I agree with most of the points made here but I should have clarified the following:

    1) It would definitely be arranged in advance so both parties could feel each other out as to character. There are opportunities for bad acts on both sides. I would expect to visit and spend time on the land in advance so that I could familiarize myself, set up supplies, and meet and get to know the neighbors
    2)This would be for land access only, it would be prearranged that I would be on my own supply wise except for barter and that it would also be understood that I would help provide for the common defense.

    This is purely an option to purchasing my own land at this point. The main point to this thread was to get a gut feel for how the other side might think and I think I got that covered. Thanks for all of the input, this board has some good people on it.
  15. Riverdale

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    We are fairly rural.

    TSHTF, my SiL and her Hubby and kids and my Mil can come here.

    If it gets too bad here. we head north.
  16. ZoomZoom

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    Thanks for the clarification.
    That makes things significantly easier in my book. I interpreted as you wanted to be in someone's BOL shelter.
    If it's land only, I think you'll find a lot more people amiable to your request.
  17. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    I suppose Montana is a bit far for you to bug out to?
  18. jkbrown_us

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    Thanks Zoom, I figured we were miss-communicating a little bit.

    Gypsysue, Montana is not too far at all. First I am looking for a local BOL within 150 miles of TX and second for a much more rural location as I think in an extended SHTF scenario my first BOL will be unsustainable. Also, I view this as an opportunity to do some traveling and check out different parts of the country. I have never been to Montana but I would like to visit.
  19. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    Well, if you wander up this way, get in touch. We'd be glad to meet you.
  20. UncleJoe

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    Welcome To The Promised Land

    Here is one mans view of "I'll just come to your place WTSHTF". This is rather long but I'll post parts of it because it fits so well with this thread. You can read the entire essay here

    This document is presented as a source of information for those who might need a realignment of their expectations, a clarification of ours or both. It should serve as a harsh wake up call for anyone who plans to flee to someone else's survival retreat should the need arise.

    Let's take a look at what your life might be like WTSHTF.

    For any number of reasons, you lose electricity without notice and your water stops running. (Public water supplies need electricity) When people eventually realize the outage extends beyond their immediate circle of travel, they will panic and stores will be looted...
    ...You are now officially unemployed with no benefits, you cannot withdraw your worthless money from the bank, you cannot make a phone call, listen to the radio or watch television. Your stove, microwave oven, refrigerator and Internet connection are no longer working. You cannot run to Wal-Mart's camping section to pick up a sleeping bag or kerosene lantern. Your car has less than a half tank of gasoline and your terrified wife and children are begging you to do something. A horde of lawless desperadoes is making its way down your street, hurling rocks and bricks through windows, setting cars on fire and breaking into homes in search of food and supplies...
    ...For the sake of this frightening glimpse into your new reality, let's assume that you and your family somehow beat the one in a million odds and successfully escape the chaos and anarchy in the city. Exhausted and emotionally paralyzed with fear and anxiety, you eventually make your way to an overgrown pasture bordered by woods, provided that you were not attacked and killed on your journey or shot as an intruder when you arrive, which is always an unfortunate possibility.
    So, in summary:
    * There is no comfortable shelter waiting for you
    * There is no water
    * There is no food
    * There is no security, no protection at all
    * The mobs will eventually make their way out into the countryside and find you
    The place looks deserted, and there is silence as you cautiously scan the edge of the woods. You can't help but wonder how many guns might be aimed at your head.

    Welcome to The Promised Land. It is everything you expected it to be?

    More than one person has referred to our place in the country as, The Promised Land. It is important to remember that the people followed Moses. He did not carry them...and I am not Moses...and our place is not The Promised Land. Adhering to the analogy, the city from which you fled was the land of Egypt, our place in the country is the desert. The Promised Land comes later if you survive and behave yourself...
    ...No One Will Provide You With Shelter...
    If you show up WTSHTF and if we decide to let you stay, you will have to build your own shelter using your bare hands and your own supplies. Do a web search on the phrase "debris hut" for more information...
    ...So now that you have built your comfy debris hut with three bedrooms, one and a half baths and a deck, let's discuss the next facet of your reality.

    No One Will Feed You...If you choose to come to our place WTSHTF, you will need to provide all of your own food. Don't count on living off of the land because first of all, you don't know how, and second, it is much harder than you think...Do you plan on hunting for food? So do a million other people and those heavily armed, hungry hordes with their guns, snares, spears and home made bows and arrows will be stumbling over each other in the woods.

    No One Will Provide Drinking Water
    Do you really believe that you will somehow be able to locate, carry, purify and store at least one gallon of water per day for each person in your family? Did you remember to bring a big pot to boil water and if so, did you know that it takes about forty pounds of wood to boil five gallons of water, which also weighs about the same? Where will you get all of that wood?

    No One Will Protect You
    Remember those angry hordes that frightened you out of the city and burned your home? They will eventually exhaust the resources of the ravaged neighborhoods and make their way into the countryside. When they find you, and they will find you, they will be even more desperate and dangerous than when you last saw them.

    No One Will Provide Medical Attention
    So, you somehow got your head bashed in or you were stabbed or shot while defending your debris hut/condo, your dwindling food supply of field mice and a half gallon of dirty pond water stored in a leaky, plastic milk container that you found on the side of the road...Perhaps you fell out of a tree or you slipped and broke your arm or you chopped off your finger while trying to split fire wood with a rock and a dull steak knife. Maybe you charred your hand while digging through the hot coals of your smoldering camp fire, retrieving a field mouse that fell off of your roasting stick. We did not budget for a private hospital or a retired veterinarian and you are no longer covered under ObamaCare.

    Let's see what else...

    We will not build your fires to keep you warm, cook your food or provide comfort. Learn to build a fire now without the use of a lighter or matches and practice until you are good at it. We will teach you while we have the time but don't ask us later because we will be quite busy...

    ...If you come to our place WTSHTF, we will not give you a knife or any other sharp object. If you do not already own a good knife, you obviously won't know how to use one safely anyway. Buy at least two good knives, spend a lot of money for them and learn how to use them and sharpen them! If we have to tell you why, you are probably going to die anyway and "very hungry people" will eat you...

    After thinking about it, there is only one way that we might allow someone to show up on our doorstep without resources. Consider the role of an indentured servant and let us know if that appeals to you because that would be your only option.